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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Fleet Beauty Of The Week: Tori Gr8ce

As the Fleet Models division evolves, new things are taking place and members are elevating. We'd like to introduce you to the new Administrative Assistant Tori Gr8ce! We have the first exclusive interview!

ACM: Next stop! Atlanta, Georgia where the peaches are plump and sweet. We have a woman who knows her way around the industry. Please introduce yourself to our subscribers who aren't familiar with the face and name.

TG: I am ToriGr8ce and I’ve been hosting and modeling in Atlanta for eeekkk 20 years. I’ve been working with the Fleet Djs for 10 of those years as a host and model.

ACM: "I am a woman of many faces" is a phrase you've used to describe yourself. Tell us how so.

TG: I'm a host, model, mom, wife, you name it. I do a little of everything and learned not to say no to something until I’ve tried it first. So I grab a little experience here and there.

ACM: Since you wear many hats, let us dissect some of the many levels of work you've been skilled to do starting with hosting and music videos.

TG: I started hosting events 10 years ago. My first gig was at Royal Peacock and Figure 8, hosting open mic nights with everyone for Sean Teezy, Sy Ari Da Kid, Dj Roots Queen, SK Music, and more. All of this whole simultaneously working with Dj Kurupt and appearing in videos with Lyfe Jennings, Kwony Cash, Trub, Metro P, Gucci Mane Bobby V, it’s been a lot, oh and most recently Soul for Real. Last year I even got to host Mr. Cheeks' birthday with Dj Unique.

ACM: Let's talk a bit about your role as an actress in plays and independent films.

TG: Nothing too major as of now. Before he became a marketing guru ChillWill had me in a few things for him and the videos I’ve done most have required some acting before the video starts. I’m looking to do more acting this year. We will see how this goes.

ACM: Tell us about the commercials you've done and how you got into doing that.

TG: Most commercials I’ve done have been smaller local channels for upcoming events. I’ve been able to record voiceovers for Dj Kurupt and of course the Fleet DJs. I’ve done a few hair gigs as well.

ACM: You also dabble in event planning. We would really love to hear about your work in that area.

TG: WHEW! So that started in the beginning. I used to plan fashion shows and after parties at Georgia State for a fashion shoe club called Infinite appeal. Now I do club events, birthday parties, music release events, etc. I’ve been doing some planning currently with Jase from Soul for Real. He has some new music coming out and we will be planning those asap.

ACM: Let's get to the meat and potatoes. Let's tackle this modeling. How long have you been putting in work?

TG: 2 decades. I had a mini-break about 4 years ago but got back to it in 2020. I’ve done runway shows, hair shows, videos, brand ambassadors you name it. I think I got my first taste of this when I was 10 and the photographer asked my mom if he could shoot me for his portfolio. After that, it was a wrap.

ACM: How do you doing photography help with you being a model?

TG: The photography helps me because I know the angles. What’s going to look good. Where to find my lighting, you know the usual. Everyone with a camera isn’t a photographer and everyone that takes pictures isn’t a model so I think doing one helps the other a lot.

ACM: Talk about your work in fashion shows as a model.

TG: I’m short so it’s always a slight challenge. You get paired to walk with someone taller and really have to stretch your legs. I miss these shows though. It’s where I got my start. Back there were more hip-hop shows and more opportunities for a shorter model. Now, not so much. But I’m always ready for a good walk-off!

ACM: You are a Fleet model. How long have you been with the Fleet and what has that done for your career?

TG: The family!! It’s been so great networking for me. Gives me another place to use my talents. I’ve been with them 10 years, so being in so long I’ve been able to bring new members in, watch people grow as DJs and artists. I’ve made lifelong friends through this. Plus it’s always fun to go turn up with the family.

ACM: You were recently promoted to Administrative Assistant with the Fleet models. Congrats! How'd you earn that position?

TG: Thank you. I'M SPOILED. Naw I’m kidding. I’m not going to model forever and I have a lot of experience so I want to help other ladies out. I have a lot more to offer than a few pictures here and there. I wanted to help revamp the division as well as bring the old flavors we had back. Fleet models have always been something to watch for so I am ready to bring that ish back.

ACM: What's next for you?

TG: I’m currently working to develop my brands. Comfort Handmade and the ToriGr8ce collection. I have those two businesses online now. I also am hoping to develop my podcast and photography more this year. Of course, the Fleet DJs and I have also partnered with Jase from Soul for Real and his label BEA Music.

ACM: We'd like to thank you for bussin it down with us. This is the time for you to shout out your team and let the people know where they can follow you. Also, let them know what magazine you're rockin with right now!

TG: You ALREADY KNOW! I’m here with my guy Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine. You can find ya girl everywhere google me baby @iamtorigr8ce ToriGr8ce. Don’t forget the 8!

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