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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Quest Chronicles: Sharoyce Antwan

 If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read this article and immediately go follow this hard-working talented artist that goes by the name of Sharoyce Antwan After our first conversation; I was hooked and his music actually backed up the words that he was expressing about his career. This Richmond, Indiana aspiring artist is on to something.

He currently has a hit single out entitled "Money Hungry" With a title so catchy it makes you curious about the lyrics. You will get hooked as soon as you hear the song. The single is doing so well that Money Hungry is almost at 50,000 streams on Spotify and will soon be reaching a million views on TikTok. Spotify is one of the premier streaming sites and Tiktok is the hottest wave right now. If you are a dancer or a creator; go to TikTok now and become the next person to do a dance video to Money Hungry. Sharoyce is making moves and is on the verge of living the dream as an artist. To reach such great milestones already is an amazing accomplishment. 

While putting in his hard work as an artist he also took the time to really promote his song. Money Hungry is currently #10 on the DRT'S Top 150 Independent Artists chart and # 18 on the DRT Rap/HipHop chart. Money Hungry is climbing up the charts as we speak. It's time for you to check it out yourself and enjoy it! 

Money Hungry is an anthem for the working-class female. SHE HITS THE TRAP BECAUSE LIL BABY MONEY... HUNGRY. ~Sharoyce Antwan~

Keep up with Sharoyce Antwan follow him on TikTok: Money Hungry You can buy and stream his music on all digital platforms! For bookings

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