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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Rich Skii New Hit Single "Frank Lucas"

1Rich Skii was originally born in Orlando,Florida,raised in West Palm Beach and eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Over there he'd see people around him making music but not really succeeding. Wanting to be more than a bystander 1Rich Skii (IG) began attempts at rapping and because others commented on him being a natural he says "I kept trying". Soon after while grooming his style and deliverance it became a passion that he incorporated into his life. " All I want to do is make music,nothing else " stated the artist. Although often complimented on his skills it hasn't been easy.

Not knowing his purpose caused roadblocks. He knew that didn't desire a regular 9 - 5 job career and figured he stood out everywhere he went, peers/associates viewed him as a local celebrity so why not perfect his craft and shine in the light of something that gives him that purpose.

Mentioning his children affectionately the artist says he doesn't intend to jeopardize his freedom, not the chance to be active in their lives. Many young men result in illegal things. This young man concluded, " I have people who need me, so I said f**k it I'll continue making music while doing what I love ".

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