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Friday, September 4, 2020

Dahlia Koca: The King of Compton Snoopy Badazz

Hip Hop Artist “Snoopy Badazz” is an iconic artist taking claim on the title of “Messiah of the Westcoast” as well as “The King of Compton”. When asked how he got his titles he explains he took them, and no one is going to deny it.

This seems to be true as he has kept his title and his name has skyrocketed throughout all of California. He is now currently traveling the United States growing his name even further throughout the United States.

Snoopy Badazz” was born in Bellflower, CA but was raised In Compton, CA. In his later years, he lived throughout Los Angeles County and Inland Empire. Growing up in Los Angeles was a rough road and getting in trouble was almost inevitable. While other children were inspiring to be doctors and lawyers, the kids in his neighborhood inspired to be gangsters. This influence ultimately led him down the path to prison. While in prison “Snoopy Badazz” didn’t waste his time. He spent his time working out, reading books, and plotting out his business plan. His dreams were in the making but he did not share them with others while in prison. He only plotted on them. He didn’t want anyone to throw dirt on his dreams before they had even gotten started. He used his time wisely and created a plan for his musical career.

The current West Coast hip hop is what inspired “Snoopy Badazz” to start rapping. He felt like West Coast hip hop was being misrepresented so he started bringing back the Golden Age of Westcoast hip hop. His Gangsta Lyrics are an influence from Easy-E, Suga Free, and B-Brazy. His image is a replication of all three of these artists and represents the true heart of Westcoast Hip Hop. In 2019 “Snoopy Badazz” dropped his first major EP entitled “Pick of the Litter” along with the release of several music videos for the project which were released on YouTube. He followed up his success in 2020 with the release of his short film “Point 3” which is also a song off the new soon to be released album “Pick of the Litter 2”.  His new album also includes songs such as “King of Compton” and “Messiah of the West Coast”.


With all the success of his rap career, he also became the founder of “Angelo Mafia” which is an organizational movement for the unity between Bloods & Crips. The visual of blue and red together that he wears tears down the color lines to bring unity. Angelo Mafia shows black lives look better together as one than separated. This is yet another reason this talented artist has the tiles he possesses. “Angelo Mafia” also has apparel and merchandise that people can purchase to show their support of the movement. Stay tuned for “Pick of the Litter 2” and many more exciting endeavors from this iconic artist.

Article by DahLia Koca (IG)

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