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Thursday, May 28, 2020

DJ Ms Tan Talks: Kiana Lede 'Kiki' album Review

I feel honored to review Kiana Lede’s new album, EX from her 2018 album was a Favorite of mine.
This is definitely a millennial album. The explicit version of this album was sent to me soooo, first I had to look up the non-explicit version because I initially tuned out with the cursing at the beginning of the first track. BOY OH BOY I am so glad I did not walk away, because I was about to miss out on a real treat. The song "Cancelled" is very soothing. "Movin" is my favorite and very dear to my heart because it is kinda where I am in my life right now!! I couldn’t get into "Mad at Me" because I am an extreme Outkast fan and although this is paying homage to OutKast, it just didn’t do much for me using the So Fresh and So clean sample. However, I do like the Lyrics on that track.

"Chocolate" had me wanting to take a vacation with a Bae that I don’t even have lol. I liked the directness of "Forfeit". I had to listen more than once to make sure it was a breakup track or a makeup sex track and I still am not clear but I like it. "Second Chances" is a real-life experience song. I loved the simplicity of the track that accompanied this song. I loved the "Plenty More" track and kept thinking I would love to hear that with a live band. The Skiterlude took me back to the 90’s hearing that voicemail. On Labels, I liked the play on the Juicy track. I love the lyrics on "Honest" but the track didn’t do much for me. I didn’t feel much from "Feel a Way". "Good Girl" lyrics spoke to my nature, though I did not like the feature on this track it really took away from the song for me also track was mesmerizing before the beat drops in. I feel like I got to hear a stronger version of Kiana’s vocals on "Attention".  "Separation" is a nice party before the PARTY track.  "Protection" makes me long for that mate that will protect me, and it's straight to the point… Loved it !! "No Takebacks" shows a different depth of Kiana and would be a great soundtrack song for a movie or series.

Overall Kiana’s voice is very unique and beautiful on every track and her passion can be heard on this album. I looked up the lyrics to understand the songs in-depth, and reading the lyrics made me like some of the songs even more. The songs on this album talk about being human, hurting, regressing, regrouping, and moving on !! 

Great Job Queen Kiana!

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