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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

V!be Legacy: Hohsafehaven "Together We Can Do Anything"

Quotes She Lives By
“In Order to be #1, you have to be willing to be odd!”
“In Order to be successful in the future, you must move past your past.”
“I accept who I am, accept where I’ve been, and understand that it doesn’t determine my future.”
“I may not be able to change the world in one day, but in one day you change one’s world!”
“Together We Can Do Anything”
Shante Roane aka Mz. Te is changing the lives of the Youth daily and inspiring many to live for their passions! She is a BSW major at Shaw University. She was born in Florence, South Carolina but raised in New Castle & Wilmington, DE but lived some time in Martinsville, VA!

Her life of the struggles she endured gave her the motivation that she needed to start her journey of helping and giving back to the community. She is a product of teen parents. Her father was a street runner and her mother was lost in her own mind. Mz Te fought day to day to beat the odds, reminding herself to always get out of the chaos built around her life. So, without a story, there is no saving and without struggle, there is no relating.

HOHSH (Hearts of Hope Safe Haven) is an organization committed to helping youth live a healthy childhood in all areas of life.  They provide opportunities for the youth to discover, explore & secure their future! We do this by living out childhood milestones, mentoring, relationship building, workshops, and community services.

HOHSH helps provide the full experience of prom, college assistance: from room décor to dorm room needs, and helping the youth in accepting who they were born to be despite current situations through the epic workshops! They also help our children of today see their full potential! We live by "No Youth Left Out!"

The first event was the “Accepting Who I Am” workshop which has now turned into their annual conference. This workshop brings together princesses, princes, queens, and kings from all different walks of life. The conference was created to help one accept who they are, where they have been, what they may be going through, and understand that all they have been through doesn’t determine where they are going.

They have guest speakers, activities, provide food, and give take away gift bags. They discuss a variety of topics, life issues, and concerns. The youth and college students attend for no fee at all. The adults’ fees go into the programs offered to the youths. There is a workshop which is an extension of the annual conference called “Cupcakes & Conversation” for our princesses! The great news is that both events for the last year have been very successful and they are looking to continue to grow and positively influence the masses.

So what type of programs does HOHSH offer? 

HOHSH has 3 launched programs and 2 in the works and they are working to add a few more in the future. The Programs are;

1.      HOHSH Precious Moments Program,
2.      HOHSH Workshops/Conference, HOHSH Christmas
3.      Drive/Homeless Needs, HOHSH Best Friend Club, HOHSH Mommy’s Helper.

There is always one celebrity or esteemed person that inspires us to keep making music, modeling, or in this case building a non-profit that helps the youth and that person for Mz. Te is Debra Antney aka Ms. Deb, Wocka Flocka’s mother. 

This is what Mz. Te had to say about this Beautiful Spirit: “She has a big heart, and an amazing woman full of knowledge. She is always giving back and trying to make a difference. She is always helping and building other careers. For example, she put a store in school with the things children look for at very low prices so they can get what they need, which I have a similar idea for when HOHSH gets a location."

To find out more info & Contact Her on Social Media please go to

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