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Monday, April 27, 2015

Nas Announces New Album For The Summer

Nas has joined the long list of heavyweights who have or will drop a new album in 2015. During a show in Orlando this weekend, the Queens emcee gave word of what will be his 11th album and his first since 2012’s Life Is Good.
“Right motherfucking now, death to all snitches. Watch every nigga around you my niggas ‘cuz shit is real out here. 2015, new album this summer. Niggas I love you,” Nas told the crowd.
The 41-year old has been pretty visible lately, thanks to a couple tracks on Madonna’s album and the documentary Time is Illmatic.
The last big artist(s) of Nas’s vintage to drop an album were Wu Tang, and it didn’t go very well for them.
Do you think Nas can buck that trend?

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