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Thursday, March 18, 2021

White Man Arrested Outside Of The Official Residence Of VP Kamala Harris

America seems to continue to cement the concept of domestic terrorism into the minds of its citizens. While the media will never willingly use the term, we will.

They'll never confess to this because as we've said before, to do so would be to condemn the entire system.

In broad daylight on March 17, Paul Murray, a 31-year-old Texas white man was arrested after police responded to a suspicious person call at 12:12 pm outside of the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris. Details here: Man arrested outside Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence and had rifle and ammunition in car.

At this point, we know who the terrorists are and that these stories will be swept under the rug to protect the institution of white supremacy. 

Please pay close attention as these demonic white men are running amuck in this country ramping up their antics as they rarely have any serious consequences for their actions.


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