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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Coture Conversations: DJ Live Wirez

 Charting on billboard is not an easy task. Some artists never get to know what this feels like. The homie DJ LIve Wirez knows this feeling as of late. He's sitting on credentials with historic Hip Hop figures that date back to the 90s. That's the type of longevity an artist can hope for but have to be skilled in this business to achieve.

We sat down with him to talk a bit about his history, chart success, and his latest album. Let's get to it!

ACM: What up good people, we have a special guest in the digital building. Please introduce yourself to the people.

DJLW: Peace and Blessings My Name is Dj Live Wirez 

ACM: You have quite the resume. Talk to us a bit about your humble beginnings and being a label mate of the great KRS One. How did that impact your career starting off?

DJLW: Yes I been Blessed to have been signed to B-Boy Records which used to be Candy Roc Records in the early '90s, Rest in Peace Jack. Jack took me under his umbrella. I learned the true value of what I was creating. And the long-term ideology of business versus the short-term money advantage. I  learned how to unlock my imagination Which then unleashed my creativity. The things I've been through are what fuel my fire and keep my desire to do this music.

ACM: You had a hand in forming the group " Brooklyn Zoo". Please share with us your experience dealing with our big homie, the late Ol Dirty Bastard, and the crew.

DJLW: The God Ason Unique Allah aka O.D.B. Was a Great Teacher, a peoples person, with tons of unpredictable personalities. Fun to be around. Odb  I Miss Him. Forming the Brooklyn Zoo was a group effect. MySelf ( ELITE, RAB, PAULIE ZANCE, SHA SHA, with Super Producer Tony T) 

ACM: With the way music is today, looking at your history, how are you able to navigate and keep a relevant sound?

DJLW: The most important rule is just keep it 100 with yourself.

ACM: We want to congratulate you as you've had recent success at reaching the billboard charts. Talk about how this has impacted your career.

DJLW: The album gained recognition by one of the Breakfast Clubs host Charlamagne in addition to that, the project also charted number at 19 on the Billboard and number two on Itunes charts. Number one on Amazon bestseller. The best part of success is to have self-achievement, complete the goal you set out for and get artistic and cultural freedom that led to economic freedom.

ACM: Talk to us about Live Wirez Radio and the guests you have coming on to the show.

DJLW: Live Wirez Radio Show Specializes in OTT ( Over The Top ) 1.5 Million Hits per Month  Delivering live streaming, Video on Demand, and Music. Kemetic Science, Comedy,  
We have been blessed to Interview (Onyx) Fredro Starr, Hanz On (Wu-Tang) Kenyattah Black, Lil Nate Dog (LBC) Roy Jones (Boxing Champion) Dungeon Mastah (dirty clanzmen) Ruste Juxx, Max B, etc.

ACM: Being a publication connected to a DJ coalition, The Fleet DJs, we recognize our fellow coalitions. Talk about your role in Wu Worldwide servicing California and Florida.

DJLW: My day-to-day responsibilities:
Reviewing the weekly and daily playlist.
Ensuring music and commercials are played on schedule. Introducing weather, traffic, and news presenters. Taking music requests and engaging with listeners. Responding to social media interactions. Presenting on-air competitions. Interviewing guests. Presenting sponsored live events. Mixing and playing music at sponsored events. Presenting live on-air advertisements.

ACM: Let's talk about your latest EP "Money In The Grave". You have some real slaps on there. What was the inspiration behind the record?

DJLW: Building Generational Wealth 

ACM: What can we expect from DJ Live Wirez in the near future?

DJLW: Quality consistent that can't be touched with an 80-foot pole. Every time We drop Its a moment.

ACM: We'd like to thank you for choppin up this game with us. Take this time to shout out your team/fam, let em know where they can follow.

DJLW: Peace stay in touch with us Keith Emmanuel Sligh FaceBook DJ Live Wirez  and Live _Wirez_Radio_Show on IG, Twitter DJ Live Wirez 

ACM: Lastly, please let these people know what magazine you're now rockin with!!!

DJLW: You Already know!!! Apex Coture Magazine, Nuff Respect 

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