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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Women United

 Recently I've had the honor of hosting Whitney's Escapes Annual Women's Retreat 2020. Of course, the retreat is usually out of the country but due to co-vid, we had to have it in the states. As numbers rose, the concern of the woman was heavy on our hearts so to be safe we decided to do it virtually on zoom. As the music played in the beginning and watching the women join, I got excited! Watching the side chat of all the women putting their business information put a smile on my face like a proud mother.

All women were welcomed to attend but to see that 95% of them were business owners truly made my day! Every speaker, vendor and guest giving their testimonials was phenomenal. Everyone was blessed, speakers were very knowledgeable, vendors made sales, all the guests were happy and even more motivated by the end. We started as strangers but ended up being a sisterhood. This is what it's all about; women uniting.

When it comes to women in our culture, there's the stereotype that we can't come together, we can't build & always hating one another. This event was a reminder that this stereotype doesn't apply to all of us. What we experienced was incredible. All the women were smiling, laughing & had a great time for over four hours straight. Shout out to Whitney's Escapes for putting together another epic event.

The in-person ones are super dope but to have a great experience virtually as well is something else. Now the women are even more excited for the next in-person event put together by Whitney's Escapes LLC. To book your next Escape, please visit, email & follow @WhitneysEscapes

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