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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Florida Governor DeSantis' "Anti Mob" Legislation Will Target You Know Who

 Governor DeSantis has drafted legislation that many lawyers view as controversial as the "Anti Mob" expansion of the Stand Your Ground law will allow citizens to treat "criminal mischief" as a crime punishable by death. "It allows vigilantes to justify their actions" stated Denise Georges a former Dade County prosecutor.

Though the legislation is just a draft and no bills have been filed in either the house or the senate, the mere fact that this type of draconian law is being talked about in our great state should alarm us all. Especially Black people. That is why we're shedding light on this issue. The details of the legislation can be found in Miami Herald "DeSantis pushes expansion of Stand Your Ground law as part of ‘anti-mob’ crackdown".

Let's get down to the meat of this. Black family, DO NOT go out there protesting. Protesting has proven to do nothing but make US targets. The white agitators that go out there and destroy things will not get the brunt of this law if pushed forward. It will be YOU. This legislation is designed to target BLACK people. We're not going to sit around being naive as we've seen mounting evidence that Black people get the blame for all of the destruction caused by whites.

This is our message to the Black community, we are at war. We cannot afford to keep doing the same things expecting different results. They are coming at us from too many different angles. We have to be smart. Let them have the protests. We've been protesting forever and what has it done? If you think it has worked then ask yourself this, why are we still having to protest in 2020 if protesting worked?

Do we have the solution? Of course not. If we did then there would be no need to discuss this as our problems would've been solved. But there are many other strategies that are being talked about in the new Black media backed up by data and factual reporting that we can and should apply. 

If you still feel you need to go out and protest, by all means, go ahead and do what's on your heart. Just go knowing you have a huge chance of not making it home alive.

We'll just leave it at that.

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