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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Kamala Harris Holds Drive In Rally In Orlando Set Off By Sorority Dances

 Kamala Harris comes to our beautiful city of Orlando to hold a drive-in rally. During this pandemic that would be a strategy that wouldn't be surprising at all. What is also not a surprise is the level of the pandering tactics rooted in stereotypes aimed at Black people. 

So, this what we doin Black folk? This is what we're doing here in Orlando? How in the hell does this not make you feel insulted? When have you ever seen politicians have other races of people dancing and cutting a jig for them to appeal to their political interests?

If you see nothing wrong with this and you're Black, hey have at it. But let's see how much change this makes in your life if Biden/Harris is selected. Ooops, we meant elected. Black people have been voting for over half a century and what has that done for us? If it has done anything for us, why would we need to vote like our lives depended on it? They told us to vote or die in 2004. We did and still died. Still dying.

We can't be this politically ignorant in 2020. If you're Black and offended by anything in this article, then you're exactly who this is directed at. There are plenty of white-owned publications that tell you what you want to hear to keep you comfortable in your oppression while they ramp up that same oppression. Kindly head over there. Our platform will not be used to support our demise.

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