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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Verbal War Is On Via Twitter Started By Jemele Hill And Friends

 Early this morning, Tuesday, October 20,2020, Jemele Hill decided to "set it off" with a controversial tweet that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to logical thinkers. Just look at this mess. This tweet was followed up by more of these "blue check" Black feminists and also non-Black people who so comfortably speak on our issues as if they have the experience and approval to do so. Look at it.

Of course, our Black warriors on the frontlines are not having it. They're firing back with verbal missiles as they should. We have to combat these ridiculous narratives that these people are clearly compensated in some form to bring forth. We say this because there is no gain for the Black community when the family feuds.

This is an ongoing theme and battle on the social media app so there's no way we're going to give you the real-time tweets. But you can witness this for yourself and even join in the discussion if you have a Twitter account.

You don't have to engage but it is smart to be aware of the discourse that is driving the narratives that impact your Black life.   

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