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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Casanova Pulls Up On Tory Lanez In New Jersey Night Club

 Last Friday (Oct. 2), BarCode in Elizabeth, NJ had a special guest and the homie Casanova just so happens to be there and catch that boy Tory Lanez posted at the spot. He was genuinely surprised to see him at the spot.

Of course, there were mixed views on this as the world we live in is always split down the middle on certain topics. We're neutral as there has not been any substantial proof to corroborate the accusations that we know of. 

He's outside. Should he stay in? 6ix 9ine can walk around trolling people freely. We'd think Tory should be able to pop up where he wants until there's a legal reason for him to be prohibited.

Also, DJ Spin King had no issue posting a pic with the man.

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