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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Donald Trump: Are We Going To Close Down Our Country? No

 Donald Trump is doing what he does best and that's stirring up a controversial mess on Twitter. This morning he made a tweet that has the nation and the world going crazy to give their take on what this means for our country.

If you look in the comments, you'd see the apparent divide this causes. Of course, your president loves to sow discourse among the American people as this is a way to deflect from all of his shenanigans. He tweets something and the world goes after each other like hungry dogs fighting over a meal.

What does this mean for Black people? Well, in the political sphere, it means nothing because of the fact they have never done anything for us. But in the broader scope of things, we should be prepared to fight pneumonia as we know when white America gets the cold, we often get the flu but in this case, they're dealing with covid so we'd likely be dealing with something worse. But not today. We're ready for their bullshit.

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