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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Busta Rhymes Calls Out T.I. For The Verzuz Battle like: "I'm gon Buss Yo Ass"

 Very few MCs have a catalog as solid as the OG Busta Rhymes so when it comes to the Verzuz Battle, there'd need to be someone who can hold it down to stand in the paint with him. Well, another veteran MC, T.I. had been recently calling out some of the greats like 50 Cent, even Eminem to Dr. Dre if it had to go down but not one of them answered his call. The homie Bussa Buss very flagrantly as he himself would probably state it.

We're not going to quote him, you're gonna get it from the horse's mouth. 👇

🔥 Oooh that man talkin spicy and we are here for it. With Busta's historical catalog, Tip better be ready. We're Pro Tip and Pro Busta as we emerge from the era of Leaders of A New School and Pimp Squad Clique. This will be the Roral Rumble folks. Let's see what Tip do.

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