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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Coture Conversations: Purified Sprays Owner/Creator Rachael “RoRo” Johnson

Black enterprises are steadily on the rise as our people move past the want for glitz and glamour and move toward building generational wealth through ownership. Like any innovator or creator, we're now taking dire need situations like covid and figuring lucrative ways to capitalize off them by supplying a need, services, or products. Is that wrong? Is it wrong for you to pay a light bill? Is it wrong to pay for health insurance? No one questions major corporations so we're going to need you to not question this Black excellence.

We sat down with Rachael Johnson, owner, and creator of Purified Sprays, and got the inside scoop on her new product that will be the wave of the future in disinfectant sprays. Check out our informative Coture Conversation.

ACM: We take pride in honoring Black excellence. We also take pride in supporting Black brands. Today we have the pleasure to chat with the owner of Purified Sprays. Please introduce yourself to the people.

RJ: Hey everyone! I’m Rachael “RoRo” Johnson, Owner and Creator of Pürified Sprays/ Pürified Aromatherapy Disinfectant. 

ACM: So tell us the overall purpose for Purified Sprays.

RJ: The purpose of Pürified Sprays is to kill the Coronavirus in addition to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses- along with aromatic scents to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

ACM: What was it that drove you to create such a great product or to see a need for this type of product?

RJ: Long story short, Pürified Sprays came about one day when I had plans for my daughter returning back to school for the new school year. What all parents have to deal with is a list of items needed for their class. One item, in particular, that was needed was of course “disinfectant sprays”. At the time, I couldn’t find none anywhere nor online due to the pandemic. I thought to myself that I could create my own and make it child-friendly for use in my daughter‘s class to not only protect her but everyone around her as well. Literally within 30 minutes between coming up with the idea to the ingredients, I had a product ready to produce. 

ACM: Talk about the importance of the spray being 100% organic and how it impacts the health of the customer.

RJ: My sprays being 100% organic was very vital to me while creating my products, one, because it would be used in the presence of my daughter. It was imperative that the well being of those using my products would be safe. Not only as a vessel of protection, I wanted my customer to receive a sense of peace and calmness while dealing with everyday stressors and/or any ailments one may have. This is where the aromatherapy element plays a major role that I wanted to accomplish. 

ACM: The spray also has an aromatherapy element to it. Speak to the strategy behind this.

RJ: The strategy behind the aromatherapy element was to have a product that gives off a refreshing scent because we all love when an area smells good. With 2020 being a year of chaos alone, my goal was to produce scents, with the use of essential oils, to give off therapeutic benefits such as relief of stress, depression plus so much more. 

ACM: Another interesting thing is that it's vegan. How is it able to be vegan and disinfect by killing germs?

RJ: LOL, where’s the irony in that!  We are so familiar with the word “Vegan” solely as it relates to food. But there are products that are Vegan friendly as well. My products fall under this category because all of my ingredients are natural. There are no additives or by-products, the essential oils are from the actual plant itself and the products are not tested on any animals. My customers are having to inhale what comes out of my sprays. I wanted to be certain that every ingredient will aid his or her life for the betterment not to cause harm. 

ACM: Do you plan on expanding the brand with other products?

RJ: Yes, I do! I’ve recently added Air Cleansers and Hand Sanitizers to the Pürified family. The air cleansers are similar to the disinfectant sprays but are used for diffusers or burners to purify the air space. The hand sanitizers contain 100% Aloe Vera and are in spray form where the disinfect is handled on sight and dries very quickly. 

ACM: When and where can we find this product?

RJ: You can find my products online at, @purifiedsprays on all social media platforms or visit our location at 1900 Leland Drive, Suite B-1, Marietta, GA 30067. 

ACM: You're also a model, are you more passionate about being an entrepreneur or model? Or are they both vital to you branding yourself?

RJ: Model and being an entrepreneur are both vital to me because they work so well together. Modeling consists of “selling” something whether it is fashion or a product and knowing how to do as such gives me a lead way compare to other new business owners who may not have a modeling background. Also while looking at it from a different perspective, being a model can fall under as an entrepreneur in itself.

ACM: Will you utilize your ability to model to help market and enhance the presence of your Purified Sprays brand?

RJ: Oh yes, I definitely plan on utilizing my ability to model to help my brand. Throughout my modeling career, I have been taught how to make a product appealing to the audience to make them feel that there is a need and not a want. Actually, I have something cooking coming this November that will showcase my modeling skills and also market Pürified Spray. It’s going to be so hot and super dope! 

ACM: I'd like to thank you for chopping up some game with us about your amazing brand. Please take the time to shout out anyone you feel you need to and let the people know what magazine it is that you're rockin with.

RJ: It was my pleasure and thank you for allowing me to chop it up with y’all. I actually would first like to thank God because HE is the one who planted the seed within me. I also would like to thank my mother, Audra Johnson, for always bring that support system to push me whenever I have an idea or when I’m interested in being a part of something whether it flourished or did not pan out the way I thought it would have. And of course, y’all know I’m always rockin with Apex Coture Magazine. 

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