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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Coture Conversations: Jourdin Pauline

It wasn't that long ago that we noticed an extraordinary talent who has a look that electrifies the eyes that dare to stare.

 She's like looking into an eclipse. You need special lenses. It was 10/25/18 to be exact, the Jourdin Pauline cover story where we were introduced to her and learned quite a bit about her.

Since then she's made moves strategically and has added to her credentials with more work and features. You will find out in this exclusive interview how many big names in the industry she's connected with and has worked with. Her story is one that will make you take interest as she came of age graced by the likes of the great Dr. Dre. A short story that you must watch the video to hear for yourself. 

Let's get into the interview, some of her new videos and you guys can follow her social media and web links.

Interview Below

Big Bandz video below 

@jourdinpauline This all you see down your TL ##areyoutired ##fyp ##somethingnew ##pimpslap ##foryou
♬ original sound - zanehijazi

HEY Hi Video below 

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