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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, May 21, 2020

DJ Gea's HotZone: AMoneyBoo

Amoneyboo is a talented beautiful R&B and Hip-hop artist residing In Cashville by way of southern Illinois. Her style embodies different levels of seduction and sexy that makes this chocolate queen the sweetest thing you can imagine. With her amazing voice she is able to hit notes and awaken those sexy senses. She is a great writer and vocalist that aspires to supply the vibe in every situation. Amoneyboo will be mentioned with dope artists like Ella Mai and Kehlani because like these artists her music has an edge that pulls you in from the sexy delivery of the content. She not only sings and raps but, Amoneyboo is certified behind and in front of the camera, so creating a perfect picture comes second nature to her.


The lead single "She Don’t" gives a great storyline that intrigues the mind as she gives the reason why she does better than any other woman can. The record puts you on notice while pulling you in at the same time. This is definitely one of those anthems I hear ladies singing and vibing to with their girls.


Her second single love it brings the passion, seduction, and writes a script like a movie. As she sings lyrics like “ love it when you choking me, long D stroking me “ you can envision the scene going down as you hear those sultry vocals touch your ears. This song is definitely one of those get it in and enjoy the ride bangers. I see some babies being made off of this one. So if you're looking for dope anthems, sexy records, and creative content, you don’t have to look any further Amoneyboo is here.

Check her out on Soundcloud

Amoneyboo "Just Wanna" Video

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