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Friday, May 22, 2020

Dakota Unique "All Attitude"

There's something big brewing in East Chicago. A whole vibe that you may not have felt the frequency of yet but we have. Over the years this young woman has proven to be a force. A force stronger than a lot of male artists in the industry exude. We gotta keep it a buck witcha.

You are about to feel that force as she has unleashed "All Attitude" the highly anticipated EP that can only be described as what the title is. A body of work with a whole lot of spicy talk backed up by the confidence the young Queen walks in. 

Yes, that baby Dakota Unique has the look, the fashion sense, and the savvy with a class and prestige about herself, qualities you hardly find in a young woman. She demands respect and by the way she carries herself, you're gonna give it. 

We had a Coture Conversation with Dakota Unique to talk about the album and more. It was a pleasure to go inside such a brilliant mind. Check it out and All Attitude available now!

You'd definitely wanna check out the new visual for "Ion Like That".


Stream and purchase the album below.


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