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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Today we honor Scarface's "The Untouchable" album

23 years ago today one of the dopest lyricists to ever emerge from the south released an album that would shake the industry at its core.
Brad Jordan's (Scarface) "The Untouchable" album hit the streets and raised the stakes in Hip Hop. Were talking about monumental records like "Smile" featuring 2Pac, "Mary Jane" and "Southside". 

Today we honor this album and encourage those of you who appreciate real Hip Hop to take a history lesson if you have never heard it. 

Although there was graphic wordplay, those who grew up listening to Scarface have minds that were shaped to intelligence and thought-provoking conversations. If you listen, there's much more to this music than just dope, women and money. 

A southern pioneer, a Rap God and an innovator in this Hip Hop shit. You can disagree but if you do, you're most likely not old enough or experienced enough to even speak on such. 

We don't knock today's music. We support it. You need this to understand Hip Hop evolution.

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