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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: The Great Collaboration

A chance encounter leads to a great collaboration. The greatest story ever written, is life itself. I became friends with someone who put a small piece of my love life on paper with ONE conversation. A taste of what’s in store once my book is complete:
 “I’m feeling that feeling again; I’m
playing a game I can’t win”


The deafening sound of my silence

overpowers the sound of the water as it

washes over me. How did I find myself-
better still; how did I allow this to happen
again? I close my eyes, and I can still see
his smile. That captivating, inviting yet oh
so deceptive smile. His touch, his voice, his
scent. His…everything! God what I wouldn’t
give to be able to forget that he ever

I was his simplicity, he was my


What I saw in him was an escape. My
escape! He was also the lie I convinced
myself to be truth. He was…he was my
dark fantasy.
No matter how hard I cry. No matter how
hard I fight. No matter how much I tell
myself that I have to let him go; I somehow
always find myself in his arms. In his
embrace. In his bed. Trapped in my own
mind, the perfect hostage to my desires. I
convinced myself that my love for him was
strong enough to change the truth of who
he really was. But my love was nothing
more than a lie. A lie I kept using to put the
pieces of my broken heart back together. A
lie I held on to. A lie that never shielded me
from the harsh reality of us. There was
never us. There was him. There was me.
And now, once again; it’s just me.

It’s just me. Screaming for the world to

hear. Crying until my body shakes. Holding

myself simply because I want him to hold
me; I want him to kiss me, to tell me that
things will be different. I want him to lie to
me if only to stop me from feeling the pain
that the truth causes.
The deafening silence of my tears
overpowers the sound of the shower as the
water cascades over my naked body.
Hoping that it washes away his touch.
Hoping that it washes away his scent.
Praying that it washes away my past. All I
can do now is wait.
Wait to live.
Wait to die.
Wait for an absolution; that will never come.
The simplicity that I found in his
complication. Is what made our complicated
love affair, so simple.

So simple in fact that he simply walked out

of my life.

Written by my new inspiration, Darryl Bishop #Author #Photographer #Dj #Comedian #Model
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