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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sanina The Writer

Sanina was born in St Louis, MO, and raised by her mother and grandmother. As a young girl, just a young girl, she realized that words were her favorite reality. Reading captured her attention, but she soon realized that she could affect people in the same way that she was affected by the novels she read.
She began writing poetry and performing in the contests offered at her school. Sanina’s favorite genre to read is historical romance; however, her writing was more erotic in nature. She found her niche in Erotica. She discovered that her writing was more effective when she wrote about her innermost fantasies. Sanina would get lost in her world of fantasies as they made their way to paper. She loved the feeling of knowing that she could stimulate the senses of a reader so intensely that they couldn’t help but respond physically to her written word.

Deviant Sexual Desires was Sanina’s first published, written work. It has been followed by Last Chance, Sapphic Love, Boundless Seduction, Boundless Seduction Special Edition and now her newest release Twisted Coitus Freak Edition. 

Sanina spends the majority of her free time writing. Sanina lives and works in her hometown of St. Louis. She is an active resident of her community.

@SaninaTheWriter - Twitter
SaninaTheAuthor - Snapchat
GoddessOfErotica - Instagram
EroticaBySanina - Tumblr
Sanina The Author, Ming Li The Model & Boundless Seduction LLC - Facebook Like Page
Sanina Laveau or Ming Li - Personal Facebook Pages 

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