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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Young Buck - The Impeachment (Soundtrack)

This is the Young Buck we know and love. This feels like Cashville and Buck The World all over again. The concept of this record is perfect with the political climate at this time.
You can tell this wasn't rushed. It was carefully crafted and well thought out from making sure the song choice lines up with the theme of the album. The references to the Presidents Twitter shenanigans on "First Lady" are spot on.

The production is super crispy and far from the typical protocol 808's, bass, snares, and drum loops that these producers use for every "trap' record these talentless artists saturate the game with. We need this shit right now.

It's may actually be too rich for some ears and hearts being that we're being fed so much trash that we must sift through to get to quality records like this. Definitely one of the dopest records of 2019. 

Update: 50 Cent pulled a cease and desist move and got the mixtape removed. Click the link above.

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