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Friday, October 11, 2019

William Boston Apparel Interview

These days we as the Black society have to take the business into our own hands. The drive and inspiration to look good while purchasing the products of brands whose owners have absolutely no respect for the Black customers who keep them afloat is steadily becoming a thing of the past. We're the innovators of style and the creators of the trends that move the world. Basically, everything that's hot we've inspired and/or created it from shoes, clothes (top and bottoms), jewelry, dance moves, slang terminology we make the world go round.

 The problem is, we create these things but don't own enough of it. We created Hip Hop and just gave it away. Now it's being perverted and exploited used by every race and nationality of people who don't respect the art form. These same people would never allow us to even participate in their creations or give us credit for being good at it. For example, Beyonce made a country record and they wouldn't even allow it to be considered for a CMT nomination. Ain't that some shit.

I'm saying all of that to get to the point and the reason why we're here at this moment. William Boston of William Boston Apparel He's one of many that has decided a long time ago that he loves fashion and will be the creator and owner of his own brand. He's doing so and has a great story to tell.

I had the chance to sit down and chop up some game with the homie and his story is a very interesting one.
He dropped some jewels for those of you with like minds that would love to go into the business of fashion designing. You should definitely check out this interview and soak up some of this water. It'll be helpful for you in your startup. 
Before we get into the interview, here are the social media links for his brand.

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