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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Meet LA's New Leading Lady in Hip-Hop, Carol Cake

You wanna meet someone special? You're about to. An extraordinary woman with many accolades and achievements. She's now aiming to conquer Hip Hop. With just one glance you're already captivated in wait for what she's to deliver. Don't worry, it'll be worth it. 

We sat down with Carol Cake and got the details you need to move forward as a fan. Let's get to it!

ACM: The time has finally arrived for us to sit down with the always gorgeous..... Let em know who you are.

CC: Heyyy  It’s Carol Cake !! Comin straight out of LA!

ACM: In 2018 we featured you a few times and were able to watch you make moves. What have we missed from you in the 2019?

CC: Well let’s see... Earlier this year I dropped a remix and video to Blueface's 'Thotiana' called 'Cakeiana' and it went over very well going viral. I dropped my debut project this Summer on June 1st  called “7 Candles” that has 11 tracks including the single 'Pay Up' that's accompanied by a visual. Also, I recently released my single “I Fell In Love With A F*ckboy” with a video that is now garnering a lot of attention at the moment. Aside from music I finally launched my website

ACM: Talk to us about the new single "I Fell In Love With A Fuckboy". Is this from a real-life experience?

CC: Yes it is from a real experience. I have dealt with a few fuckboys sadly. Hahahahaha!

ACM; With it, are you looking to inspire women to watch for the red flags of a Fuckboy?

CC: Yes most definitely! It’s important to pay attention to those red flags. You will get that gut feeling and just know when they do occur. It’s important to pay attention and get the fuck out of that relationship! Hahahahaha!  But forreal.... Being in a toxic relationship is never healthy so make smart decisions.

ACM: Your story is interesting. You're an amazing athlete and track star. Talk to us about that and the transition into music.

CC: Thank you,  I ran track and have been into music my entire life. I played instruments like the clarinet from elementary until my Junior year in high school. I also picked up playing the piano while at USC. My friends from jr high who I am still friends with to this day will tell you how they remember me rapping at school all over campus. I start recording myself as an elementary kid on my toy robot. However,

I went to USC on a full ride track scholarship as I chose track over music. I solely focused on track and played piano while at USC. I turn pro as a sprinter when I graduated after making my first Olympic team. I went on to put out a song in 2011, which was a remix to Lil Wayne’s '6 foot 7 foot.' After I made my second Olympic team, I began focusing back on track after dealing with a “crazy music situation.“ I went on to take a few years off and started back consistently doing music at the end of 2015

ACM: From the looks of things, music is in your bloodline. Talk to us about that.

CC: My mom used to sing plus her father (who is my grandfather) had a group back in New Orleans called the “5 Knights.“ My dad's father was is a Puerto Rican group/band as well back in Puerto Rico.

ACM: You released '7 Candles' this year. Talk to us about the concept of this record.

CC: The concept of my project “7 Candles” was to give listeners an introduction to who I am... telling stories about my life. Each song has a different sound. I wanted to give listeners 7 different songs, hence “7 Candles.”

ACM: What was the vibe you wanted to give the people with this album?

CC: 7 is my favorite number and represents the number of completion.  I’m a person who completes what I start and my message to listeners is to whatever it’s is they want to do in life is to complete what they start.

ACM: What is your favorite track?

CC: I like all of the tracks but my favorite one would have to be “Rose Pedals.”

ACM: Are you currently touring or in the works of a tour?

CC: I am in the works of a tour.  

ACM: A question I often ask the ladies, how's this male-dominated industry treating you?

CC: Coming from one male dominated industry being an athlete to the music industry another male dominated industry, it definitely has its challenges. I would say it’s important to have the right people in your circle who really believe in what you’re doing and to not get discouraged by anything. To keep pushing forward.

ACM: Are there any female artists you admire and would like to work with?

CC: There are so many female artists that I admire. I’m open to working with multiple female artists. I think it’s important for us as women to be able to collab with each other all the time just like the men do in this industry.

ACM: Are there any male artists you admire and would like to work with? 

CC: Male artists that I admire are and would have loved to work with was Nipsey Hussle (RIH LLNH), Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross.

ACM: Who have you worked with? Male and female?

CC:  I definitely need to start working with more artists so slide into my DMs or email me! Hahaha but to name a few I’ve worked with Z-Ro and Bo Vice of Top Dawg Entertainment.

ACM: What's next for Carol Cake?

CC: New music. New Videos. New Products that you can find on and acting on TV shows.

ACM: A lot of fellas want to shoot their shot. Are you single and focusing on your career or in a relationship, building?

CC: I’m always focusing on my career. And yes I’m in a relationship. 

ACM: Before we go, talk about your achievements as a track star. That's so dope!

CC: Thank You!  My achievements are being a Two Time Olympian for Puerto Rico. I hold 6 national records (60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x1 relay and 4x4 relay) which makes me the "Fastest Woman in Puerto Rico."  I’m the current 200m record holder at the University of Southern California and Pac-12 Conference record holder in the 200m.

ACM: I'd like to thank you for taking the time to chop up some game with me. We love you over here your so friggin hot. Please give a shout to your fam/team and let em know what magazine your currently rockin with..

CC: Thank you for having me.  Make sure you guys follow me on IG @iamcrod, stream “I Fell In Love With A F*ckboy” on Spotify ,Apple Music etc. And make sure you guys check out my site . ......It’s your girl Carol Cake reppin LA  and I’m rockin with Apex Coture Magazine!

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