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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dallas PD identifies "Suspects" in Joshua Brown's murder. (We don't believe this at all)

The Dallas PD arrested 2 people in the murder case of Joshua Brown. Michael Mitchell, 32, Jacquerious Mitchell, 20 and a 3rd "suspect" Thaddeous Green, 22, is still on the run allegedly.
The story is that these guys drove from Alexandria, LA all the way to Dallas, TX for some weed that they were to buy from Joshua Brown. A 4 hour and 22 minute drive over state lines for weed. Weed. Let that sink in.

They literally have no new plays in their playbook. They're gonna go with the "this black guy was a drug dealer so his death doesn't matter" play that they always use to criminalize black victims. Thing is, we're not falling for this bullshit. 

There are more details to the story that we choose not to give because you probably have already heard through media and social media or you can look it up yourself. We just wanted to point out the obvious.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Do you believe this story or not?

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