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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, October 26, 2018

Audio Plug: Marcy White 'MF Bitch'

In the spirit of a south Florida Diva, Marcy White is bringin the real back to ya life. That's what's been missing. The feel of Trick Daddy in the golden era, Trina at her prime and Rick Ross with a lil bit of Plies sprinkled about is the level of the frequency. This ain't now low energy shit here. This ain't for you plastic women who follow trends. Nah this right here is where it begins and where it will end.

Gorgeous with massive sex appeal and a classy demeanor she delivers these darts:

"Hypocrite in the church actin like a member
prostitutin now you saved hoe, I remember
Back in the day you was aite with a lil potential
Now you skinny poppin pills, lookin like a pencil"


Man, that shit is cold blooded. Y'all stay up out her way. But first, get this dope ass single to set off the weekend.

Off the Album 'So Florida'
Don't get no mo Florida than that!

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