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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Snoop Dogg Says He Was Arrested In Sweden


Snoop Dogg was reportedly arrested for drug possession over the weekend in Sweden.

Snoop Dogg has seen his fair share of arrests over his career. Add another one to the list.
The D-O-Double Gizzle was arrested by police in Sweden, Saturday (July 25) after they believed there were drugs in the Long Beach, California rapper's car after a concert he performed at.
According to videos posted on Snoop's Instagram, he was dragged out of his vehicle, brought to the police station, and a report was filed. He also said he had to partake in a urine test to which he claims came up clean.
"On my mamas im sick and tired of the pigs," he relayed in the caption of the post. "N America n these countries that jus don't respect us fuck that new me new u u do we do 2."
Further details about the incident are currently unknown to the public. In a later Instagram postSnoop Dogg says he was released as Swedish police were unable to find anything on him as far as drug paraphernalia is concerned.
Watch Snoop Dogg's Instagram videos about the incident below: 

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