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Sunday, January 4, 2015


By Mizraim El-Bey

A Prisoner is one who is deprived of his or her liberty, and who is, against his or her will, kept in confinement or custody; a person who is restrained of his or her liberty upon any action, civil or criminal, or upon commandment. 
. ‘To Govern’ means to direct and control the actions or the conduct of people or things, either by established laws or by arbitrary will. Thus, the authorities and authorizations, used or claimed by persons in government, should always be put to question of legitimacy or illegitimacy. Always consider whether or not an ‘Action’ taken or initiated by an (alleged) representative or personnel in government, is confirmed by ‘Due - Process’ under the ‘Law’ and measured by the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’. The Supreme Law of the Land is the ‘Constitution for the United States Republic of North America’. The governmental principles that underscore and give life to this foundation instrument of law, are ancient in their origin, coming down from ‘Principles of Jurisprudence’ as taught by the Moorish Sovereigns of the Old World.
.Government is derived from the Old Moorish Latin word, gubernaculum. The Science that Treats of Positive Law is known as, Jurisprudence. Jurisprudence is the Philosophy of Law, or the science that treats of ‘Positive Law’ and of ‘Legal Relations’. Jurisprudence is a term that does not apply directly to systems of Law, or to current views of Law; or to suggestions for amendments to law. Jurisprudence is, however, the name of a science – being formal, or analytical, rather than a material one. It is the Science of Actual or Positive Law.
Misprision in Government
. Referencing the contemporary Government(s) in the United States of North America The predominant number of Politicians, Administrators, Wardens, Law Officers, and Policemen, (operating in the United States of America) are European Colonial descendants. This obvious imbalance of personnel in North American States’ Governments is strongly reflected on all levels; the Federal, the States, and the Municipalities. This biased social-design is falsely propagated as, Racism! However, Racism (professed for misdirection purposes) is a public - fa├žade and cover-up! Their true motives (Modus Operandi) are actually their commonly practiced ‘Inter Caetera Divina’ Church - Bulla – Culture, allegiances, and influences. This ‘Decree’ is the latter of two (2) Inquisition Church Bullas (Bulls) issued during 1492 and 1493 A.D. Know that the commonly recognized untoward or anti-social actions and attitudes, being marked social - signatures of Europeans in America, ARE NOT mere acts of what has been traditionally (and falsely) tagged as, prejudice! Europeans, occupying North America, are religiously - dedicated to their ‘Inter Caetera Divina’ Church Bulla! Inter Caetera Divina is the true (secretive) guide - source for their ‘social - engineering protocols’ used to amass wealth from Aboriginals by, direct theft, trickery, adhesion contracts, and color-of-law. This Bulla is the source of their lack of moral conscience – rooted in their religious foundation! These, and related policies are applied against all Aboriginal natural peoples, held under a U.S. Demo, de facto government.
.Consequently, their ‘practiced’ ‘Color – of – Law’ ‘Color – of Authority’ and Color – of – Office’ legal processes, often contradict due – process, Constitutional principles. These disparaging and deviant administrative performances are obviously reflected in the Prisons and Jails - being (veiled) Concentration Camps in North America. Though very few would speak openly about these Bullas, this is the evidential truth as to why Asiatics (Aboriginals) fill the Prisons and Jails in such unfair and irrefutably high numbers. To support the economic demands of the Church Bullas, the de facto court system operatives constantly violate Constitution – secured Laws (See Article VI); and commit numerous transgressions against natural peoples’ rights and immunities; while knowingly violating International Law.
This Page is under Construction. We receive mail from Prisoners In Their Own Land. Statistics show over 50% of Prisoners are NOT supposed to be in jail (concentration camps). Statistics also show over 50% of those who have or may have been erroneously imprisoned, and can be released based on DNA, are not granted release, and in many cases, a review of proof of innocence regarding DNA. Their cases are not heard, they are not released. This would prove the alarming rate of incarcerations that are based on FINANCE often as a result of usurpation and oppresion of the Aboriginal People of the Land. Imagine being in jail and having to pay for your confinement. .
Many of the jailhouses are now privatized and their protocols vary. We intend to present a program or process of assistance to our Brothers and Sisters (who are being incarcerated at an alarming rate--A Nation cannot rise higher than it's women). This program will provide "prisoners-in-their-own-land" with subscriptions and information. However, assistance from their loved ones, family and friends is helpful and may be necessary. They will be instructed through this page, as needed. We will also set-up a donation to this program to help us, help them, as we will send them, with the assistance of their loved ones, family and friends as much as we are able to in order to help them, help themselves in their struggle to be free, upright citizens in their own land.
All who donate will be noted on a list that can be made available on request. So stay tuned for how you can help, if you will to, our "Prisoners-in-Their-Own Land" Assistance program.

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