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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The self proclaimed “ARTrepreneuer”, Delano Brown is shaking up the ART and FASHION world at the same time!
Brown’s fashion trends first caught my eye when rapper Fabolous went a recent tour and rocked customized Brooklyn Nets jerseys, with Brown’s signature hand painted flowers.  Now I look around and see Browns signature rose patterns on Timberlands, automobiles, jewelry, Air Jordans, and so many other fashionable pieces.

Brown takes high-end fashion pieces like Balenciaga, Givenchy,Rolex, Hermes, and Louboutinjust to name a few, and adds his signature mark which is the hand-painted flower. 
“I’m in the art game not the fashion game,” Brown said in an interview with Ebony magazine. “Fashion is cool but it’s very temporary, so I had to come up with a way that I could introduce my art to it,” Brown said.

The Baltimore native Brown, started at age 15 custom painting H&M shirts in the mall. By the time brown was 17, he was tattooing himself and others, and had a reputation built by word of mouth. Attending art focused schools, graduating high school and passing up college, Brown jumped straight into the real world and has created a lane for himself as well as a career.
Painting customized fashion pieces for clients like Chris Brown and Fabolous, painting at charity events for designers like Louis Vutton, and even creating his own clothing named Lano for Public, it’s safe to say that Delano Brown is making noise in the art world as well as fashion.
But aside from the art, Brown is self-made as he is an entrepreneur as well given the title he claims “ARTREPRENEUR”.

Before Delano Brown, you didn’t see hand-painted clothing every day, chances are you still won’t see it unless your surfing the web and seeing your favorite celebrity in his exclusive garments. In an Ebony magazine interview Brown talked about how he plans to keep his fashion exclusive and limited, “I’m looking for ways to keep my product as exclusive as when it started. I’ve figured out that (a) I don’t want it to be everywhere, and (b) I don’t want to see everybody with it every time I go somewhere.
My people who buy my stuff are fans of the art; they’re not just buying a cool shirt. They see the hustle. “

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