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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The forefront of her concept is $$$. These days that's all most rappers base their content on. Most would say "why not?" But it's not a question of "why not?" but a question of who's authentic and who's just following the "trend". 

She's a sexy lil thang and she has a delivery in her cute in the pocket voice. We at Apex Coture love female artists so we are putting a spotlight on her as we see potential for a star. We just hope that in her growth her content spans further than "Bandz". Either way her tracks are bangin and she has a gripping character in her flow also she's just so pretty which does help with her cocky ego. In her music. We haven't met her personally to know whether she actually walks in it but we'd love to share her mixtape with you.


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S/O to the young Queen Sierra Leone! We look for big things from you and we'd love to do an interview on you in the future.
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Dakota Unique "All Attitude"
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