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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Aggressive, in your face with his witty, clever, and sharp word play L.A. Barnes began rapping at the age of 14. The abbreviation L.A. stands for Lyrical Assassin, which is a reflection of how L.A. Barnes spits, presents his rhyme style. L.A.’s music background started with playing drums, which is an inspiration for his outstanding and phenomenal flow. Some of his musical influences in Hip-Hop come from artists such as, The Hot Boys, Field Mob, Outkast, and Pastor Troy to name a few. One of the most unique qualities L.A. has is a unique captivating vocal sound that will pull you in and make you listen. 

L.A. pushed his first mixtape "King of the O" and captured an audience in 2008 with his own sound. The streets began talking and it seemed as if he was about to climb the ladder in the game. Due to life’s trials and tribulations L.A.’s career was put on pause until the beginning of 2012 when he came back on the local artist rap scene. Entering a local open-mic contest ‘My City Mondays: King of the Stage 2’ L.A. shocked the whole venue with his remarkable and flawless stage presence. L.A. won that competition and went on to win every contest he entered. Now that L.A. is back in the music battlefield he dropped "The Appetizer EP" which is the pre-qual to his upcoming album "The Beast Feast". The response to L.A.’s EP was a great success leaving the fans wanting more! Orlando and the local fans are now talking about L.A. becoming an up and coming star! L.A. is working on more material, production and opportunities to see where he will take his musical venture next.

Check out his interview and music
ACMD: LA what it do homie!! Glad to welcome to our world of Apex Coture. Hear you got a lot goin on and we just gon give the folk a lil somethin to ponder on til you take off on stage at that "Respect my Hustle" launch. Introduce yourself to the Apex Coture realm and let em know what that "LA" stand for and why..

LA: Well the L.A. stands for Lyrical Assassin. I picked that up when i first started perfecting my craft and noticed i liked to dig deep into lyrical ability and rhyme schemes. I almost pride myself on a technical aspect of wordplay.

ACMD: Lyrical Assassin Tho! So what you cookin up in the lab for the people I see we got a few to give them to bird feed em real quick.....

LA: Right now im working on my next project L.A. Riots. Its gona be a real dope project. Im also gon be droppin a mixtape wit da big homie D-Rugg. We puttin out dat "Michael Jackson N Paul McCartney" this summer.

ACMD: Word! y'all betta stay tuned for that "Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney" it's definitely finna be some bangerz handed out in Orlando and we gon keep you covered how we do. S/O to that boy D-Rugg! How you feel about being chosen to help launch that Apex Coture "Respect my Hustle"? You know we just tryna get Orlando to see the vision and help build on it. Jacksonville saw it and got on board. Orlando seems to have a lot of pride...

LA: Im honored to be in the first batch for the city. Orlando has alot of dope artists and movements going on right now so its great to be noticed. I'm ready to tear da stage down for that "Respect My Hustle" Launch. The people know how I rock live. We gon show up n show out!

ACMD: Already! We definitely lookin forward to your performance and support for the cause. Any Shout outs you wanna throw out there? Make sure you let em know what magazine you rockin with!

LA: And im rockin wit Apex Coture magazine. Bringing da hottest local talent from central florida and north Florida. To da world. Its 1000 from L.A. Da Beast!

Here go some LA Barnes Bangerz to get you ready fo that "Respect My Hustle"

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