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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


These girls have more moves  than you could think of. But why think of them when you could let them show you. They set the stage on fire continuously to the point where you couldn't take no more sexy. But yet you got full on it. It was energetic and full of surprises.

You never knew what was next. You wanted to just grab one of them and tell her your comin with me. But which would you choose when they all are sexy and they all have their own individual style. You want em all. But please don't get them twisted for these girls are all about their business. Try and find another group of women as sharp as they. They've forgotten more dance moves than I've ever learned. You too. You had to be there. I'm like there ain't enough time in one day to come up with that many moves in one routine. Stop it I say! Truly a beautiful performance over and over again.

To capture everything they did on that stage with a camera you would be recording something you could watch over and over again. Ya wife is gon be real pissed when she takes a glance at what got you stuck to the screen for so long.

The way they threw around their buns you would think they about to detach from the body. Strategic and fluid movement made to look easy but you know you can't do that shit. But you may try when you get home from the inspiration and excitement. Leave it up to the pros because I'd rather see them perform than my own woman. Yep I said it. Book em for a show and you gonna wanna see the over and over again.

 Bottom line the got their show put together very well and are discipline no drama get it done type women and they all badd. Here's more on them and just enjoy the pics in imagination of what you've missed.

The ladies of Luxury is an all female component of the fusion dance company MegaMinds LLC.  The Dancers come from a variety of backgrounds with training from Douglas Anderson , Samuel Hills III, Kavin Grant, Julie Jada Williams and choreographers from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE as well as Universal Japan.  Some of the dancers have been on tour with major artists including Lil’ Wayne and Jewelz Santana. Their years of experience in the local dance community range from 8-16 years.  They have been dancing for the last 1 ½ years as a group and continue to strive towards sharpening their skills as entertainers and moving to empower each other as a unit.  Follow the facebook fan page to stay informed on upcoming shows and performances.

Contact Info for Booking:
                                                                                 Samuel Hills III 904-803-8591
                                                                       Facebook Page MegaMinds LLC Fan Page

They Get the Apex Coture Stamp of Approval 10 times over..

If you think ain't nothin poppin in Duval....

They prove that you are SADLY MISTAKEN

Now let us bring this show to a close. All we do is put you on!!!


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