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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


At one glance of this woman when in her presence, I promise you will be captivated man or woman......

B.DeVine is SEXY. The kind of sexy that rubs off on ya. Just being around her and feeling her vibe you feel like you the sexiest person in the world.

B.DeVine is BEAUTIFUL inside and out. If you look into her eyes you will be taking yourself on a journey you would not want to see the end of.
B.DeVine's body is......... Damn..........Hold up............ That body is a problem. It's a problem because your gonna want her. Your gonna fantasize about her. She's gonna be stuck in your head like she is in mine. I'm lovin it. She can stay forever...

All of this happens when you see her. You will feel her. That's STAR power. Then she hits the stage and the mood in the building gets very sexual. The music infused with her words is impossible to manage without self control. I seen it ok. Trust what I'm telling ya. Nobody can resist the temptation. Man or woman. Young or old. White, Black, Haitian, Jamaican, Politician, Rapper, Pastor, Actor I don't give a damn who you are or you profession. Your gonna want B.DeVine. This past Sunday November 10th was The amazing and very sexual Burlesque Show here in Jacksonville, Fl. There were so many beautiful people in that building from handsome men to the sexiest women in Jax. Performers of poetry, spoken word, Moulan Rouge style dance but more modern and witty, sexy and provocative and R&B.
B.DeVine performed two songs one of which is her new single "Love Pain" (Hurt me so good). This is real R&B. Passionate, romance, pain and climax. When she performed this song every man and woman in the building were in a trance hypnotized by her combination of massive sex appeal and reality of what love and pain is at the same damn time. Damn, I'm sorry you missed it if you did. You need that shit in your life maybe to help put the spark back into your love life. If you don't feel her your paralyzed.

 To help you get to know her better. Here is an interview courtesy of the Queen of Passion herslf.......

"When and why did B.DeVINE decide to be a Musical Artist?

I would have to say I have always enjoyed hearing songs in harmony and I was fortunate to learn the technical side of discovering notes in music from my mother as a child & then formally in school. I have written songs for other artists for over 11 years and worked as a background vocalist, but I decided to perform as a solo artist just a few years ago. I am truly enjoying this journey in music. 

1. Who believed in you? 

My family (immediate and extended) has supported me unconditionally, through the years. Of course more recently, Mrs. Dana & The LMS Group have trusted in my musical abilities enough to tell the world about my talent! For everyone and all of the positive energy, I am grateful! 

2. Do you just sing? What other talents does B.DeVINE possess? 

I actually consider myself multi-talented. I love to write songs, short stories & poetry, paint abstract art, and I enjoy riding motorcycles. I am pretty much all over the place, if it’s unusual or daring, I am pretty much all for it…at least once! 

3. Take us back, what was the “1st” song you wrote and why? 

The first actual song I recall writing was when I was 9 years old, it was a song called “Lonely & Depressed.” I wrote it to a beat I heard playing on the radio and my cousin and I thought it was an instant hit, so I taught her the harmony note to the hook and we would sing it every day after school. We laugh about it now because the lyrics are rather corny but I remember every word like I wrote it yesterday! 

4. Where does B.DeVINE  get her talents from?

My maternal grandfather, my paternal grandmother, my mother & father, all of my aunts and uncles on my father’s side, four of my siblings, and quite a few cousins on both sides of the family can sing & play instruments. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize it, but I guess over half of my family can sing and/or play a musical it was destiny for me! 
5. Which famous Musician(s) do you admire? Why do they influence you?

I have too many to name, but if I had to narrow it down to “famous” musical admirations, I would have to say Lalah Hathaway & India.Arie, who both have an edgy lower vocal tone that I (as a content alto) just adore, Jazmine Sullivan because she’s young & fresh, but has the voice with the soul of Nina Simone, and last but certainly not least, Prince…his range, vocal ability, and his knowledge of so many different instruments truly astounds me.

6. Describe your most memorable performance?

Wow, Thank you for such a wonderful compliment, I have had a few that really confirmed that THIS is what I was born to do, but my most memorable performance was actually at a poetry event in Orlando. I had a cordless mic & I wanted to perform for the entire room…so one by one…I touched every hand I could reach and drew each person in one at a time. I enjoyed myself and realized that subtle gestures like that will garner supporters for a lifetime! 

7. Do you ever get nervous on or during a performance? Tell us what makes B.DeVINE transform and perform at her FIERCEST!? 
Yes, actually I do get nervous..usually before each performance…but, for some reason, when the music starts…it seems not to B. as important as changing someone’s mind about my music. The pressure…is what makes B.DeVINE transform!! 

8. Which do you prefer Tracks or LIVE BAND? Why LIVE versus INSTRUMENTAL on a disc, like most Independent Artists? 

I am happy to entertain with both instrumentals and a live band, but there is just something about singing with a LIVE band! I love the freedom of being able to play around and freestyle some of my lyrics and bring the audience into my performance....and if I can get my hands on a cordless microphone, oh my, being amongst the crowd, actually serenading different people…is an experience all on its own! I love it!

9. How often and how long do you practice? 

I sing every day, throughout the day. I don’t really consider it practice anymore because it has become a regular part of my daily life.  I am always thinking of new concepts, poems, and songs… so when the feeling hits me I just go for it. All I need is something to write with and something to write on.  

10. B.DeVINE, How do you juggle Business and personal life? And yet you still smile permanently. 

I finally decided to get a calendar! Believe it or not, it changed everything in terms of what needs to B. a priority. When my family & I can visualize what’s going on in the days & weeks to come, there are no surprises! So, when I have the opportunity to take some personal time, I make sure that I do! I realized the key is communication…& I smile because truly I have NO reason to frown, I am genuinely thankful for everything I have experienced so far, the good & the not-so-good!

11. Elaborate on your present and future endeavors B.DeVINE?

Presently, I am working on writing, arranging, & recording new music and of course, I want to continue to expand the B.DeVINE brand by tapping into the music market abroad. I can’t wait to perform internationally…I have a feeling that is coming up very soon!

12. Where do you see yourself and your passions within 5 yrs?

I wish I could call it, but I have learned not to limit myself. I am working hard along with my team to just keep opening minds one at a time, regarding all things “B.DeVINE”…and with that, the possibilities are endless. So, we shall see what the future holds as it unfolds. *I promise I did not intend for any of that to rhyme* 

13. What is your #1 priority personal and business goals you will stop at nothing to achieve?
My #1 goal/priority in this industry is to continue to do what I LOVE (which is entertain), sow good seeds in the process & reap the harvest that will come. 
14. What is the best wisdom you’ve mastered and or still mastering, you could give your aspiring fans?
Stay humble….plain & simple. In my opinion, humility will take you farther than money ever will." 

Column By Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

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