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Friday, November 8, 2013

Iggy Azalea: Changin Lives

Oh, sorry for the delay. I was just fantasizing about this tall drink of Vodka Iggy Azalea. If she ain't sexy, youze a damn liar. Australian Native with skin white as good cocaine make ya wanna just take a bump and smoke a cigarette.

Listen, she's model ok. She's a damn artist too. She's Hot! Came all the way from Mullumbimby, New South Wales landed in the US at 16 coolin in MIA for a spill then Houston and ATL. That explains the southern twang in her speech and the cool in her demeanor. She is the perfect example of  the evolution of the curve (ASS) on a model. It's a new day and you model chicks don't have to be stick figures. Fuck that bullshit we love ASS. And she has it. So she's our special friend.

 In 2012 she was named the new face of  Levi Jeans. I just found that out so now I wanna wear them shits. Anyway, in 2011 she put out her first mixtape "Ignorant art" with a tone that she already made it to the top. She is one that knew she had star power and she owned it right away ike she was supposed to do pissin off a lot of "Popcorn Hoes" (I been waitin to say that).

She was featured in XXL's 2012 "Top 10 Freshman" and had some label issues but was able to team up with the Grand Hustle brand. Then released her second mixtape "Trap Gold" (How come I never heard none of them shits?). This helped her to move up in the game.

From then til now she has become a one of the most sexy women to touch a mic let alone a runway giving us another option besides Nicki Minaj. Don't get it twisted we love Nicki AND her ass and her flow AND her ass and her style AND her ass but why we can't have a shitload of HOT lookin female MC's? We can and we do now.

At this point woman like her could change a man's life as insisted in her latest single off her upcomin Debut album "The New Classic" After watchin that video I knew that I must marry this woman then I realized I just said that about Lore'l. But I mean it. And you will too fellas. 

In all we can't wait to see whats next from this young lady. We are sure that it will only get better and females will on get madder but it will all be good for her and I hope that's how it play's out because we congratulate at Apex Coture

we do not tear ppl down unless it it totally called for and you are a fucking idiot. I doubt she's that but if she was her ASS  would even shit out. All we do is put you on so you can thank me now or later don't matter. Iggy Azalea. We love her..........


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