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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, November 9, 2013


 We can't tell you how much we appreciate a woman with her own style and knows how o walk in it. Apple Barbie is no stranger to originality so she deserves this spotlight. You may remember her from her 1st spotlight a few months back. If not, let me refresh ya.

Originality is so foreign these days that to have it, you have to go thru so much criticism and haterism from all the "Hater Fucks" that don't have the mind to develop into their own. It's like ppl get mad at you for being you. We live in a society of monkey see monkey do and when you don't follow that protocol you will be ridiculed. But not here at Apex Coture. We uplift those who are not afraid to step out in their own skin. Not afraid to go against society's punk ass grain and shine like the fuckin star you are (excuse my lango but I can pretty much say what I want that's what being your own boss is about).

Apple Barbie does just that and she is part of the Apex Coture team because that's what we are about. I'm sure there will be speculations and slick talk but we're so constipated over here so we can't give no shits. And if you know her you know she ran out of fucks to give a long time ago if she ever had any.

Orlando moves fast and you have to be on point to stand out in the city. But when you cause controversy among women and thirstiness among the men at the same damn time every time you make a move, step on the scene or post a freakin pic via FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter then  you know you got star power..

  Apex Coture is about to launch a clothing line, the name of which I wont mention just yet just wait damnit. But she will be a designer and one of the models of said clothing line. This is what it is all about. Taking your YOU and forming it into a franchise. Anyone that is somebody had to go thru the rigmarole before they made it to the top and she as well as we are no exception to the rule. Think we would have our own magazine if we let what a Hater Fuck felt, said or thought stop us from doin what we know them bustas couldn't stop? They can all drink dumpster juice as a matter of fact if ya plannin on us stoppin anytime soon and your life depends on it, Jacksonville has several bridges. Pick one and jump you waste of ya daddy's sperm. We ain't going nowhere and she's not either.

 We are goin to start a "Get over it" movement in honor of Miss Barbie for the ppl who just can't get in their own lane and have the understanding of the ppl who are. The ppl who's faces scrunch up like they suckin on a lemon when they see something good happening for someone else. We want to teach them that setting realistic goals for themselves and putting positive energy and work towards them will manifest fruitful results of the same fashion in their lives. It's ok to congratulate and let another's style, successes and accomplishments  inspire you to move on your dreams. So Get over it already! Smile and be happy for ppl and then you can learn to be happy for yourselves you miserable basterds. You know who you are.

Apple Barbie your style is crazy and we appreciate your originality. We got work to do and more Hater Fucks to piss off babe so let's get to it. Love you!

Decent Exposure Column written by Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

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