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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charlie Crist vs Rick Scott Florida What up with this?

So Charlie Crist is leading over Rick Scott (50% to 38%) in a new poll posted today by The Huffington Post and all I can say is WTF!! Ok let's get this straight, this former Republican Governor of FL who switched out on his party because of their approval ratings falling below sea level want us to trust him and believe he's changed because his party affiliation changed? Really? Nigga that makes you a "Switch Out" so if you turn on your own team how the hell we supposed to trust you?

I recall his term not being so favorable and him being so hard on convicts that he is the reason Fl Inmates are serving 85% of their time when most other states are at 65%. Don't think that matters? Well i was one of those inmates and the FDOC along with the rest of the country is over crowded with people without violent crimes almost maxing out there time and for what? So all these pale faced CEO's with stocks in the DOC can get richer? Places like Walmart who's owners have stock in the DOC making money off inmates while they sit locked up then when they are released they go right to Walmart and give them more $$$$. Sure Charlie can get deals done in a bipartisan manner but that's what snakes do. You think you know him but you bout to find out more.

So what choice do we have? I dare not write about Rick Scott, just look at him. You really think he gives a shit about YOU the minority? This is not to promote racism (even tho IDGAF if it does) but you wanna base your judgments on facts and that's what I do. Can't go around sayin these things unless you have factual basis. The republican party's approval rating is at 22%. We all can see the dysfunction in the party and we as Black people know all to well how they feel about us. SO PLEASE DON'T TRY AND TELL US OTHERWISE WITH YOUR BORICKLED ASS EXPLANATIONS OF WHICH ARE NOT FACT JUST LIES THAT WE HAVE COME TO SEE THROUGH MORE CLEARLY AS OF LATE.

So who do we vote for? I ain't votin at all they took my rights. But who will you choose Florida? Hispanics who will you choose? Asians who will you choose? Brazilians, Haitians, Cubans, Indians, I mean the people who make up the fabric of this country because minorities are no longer that. We are the majority and this country is owned by no one race of people. It was stolen by Chris Columbus punk ass and we have a holiday where they celebrate that trash. But this is our home and the only options we have are 2 pale faced mutha fuckas that don't give a shit about none of us. If you depend on EBT these same assholes are about to cut your shit because they don't feel you deserve to eat. That's not a handout. We are not born into wealthy families with law firms so we work hard at minimum wages and can't afford this high priced food that they keep tampering with to make it bigger meanwhile we get test results from our doctors showing us the effects of the food we work so hard to eat. Man fuck both them fools! But you gotta choose one Florida, WHO WILL IT BE???????

Antuan OUT

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