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Monday, November 4, 2013

Snoop Dogg "Thats my work" mixtape review

First off, CLASSIC!!!! The Big Homie ain't back, who the fuck said he left? The only rapper you know that can venture off into movies, comedy, change his name to drop a reggae album then slide right back into the Boss Dogg's spot as a West Coast Veteran. This mixtape is giving the feeling of DoggyStyle, R&G Rhythm and Gangsta, The Last Meal all on a mixtape which could have easily been an album. Classic West Coast production he grabs you on the Intro then on "Bad 4 Me" he smoooooves you out with harmonic vocals backin up that oh so slick flow that we all know and love. He also teams up with the homie Suga Free on "All my Hoes" and you know them niggas together keep it so pimpin you know the pimp game ain't dead it's just misrepresented by these hoes and  simpin ass niggas. We are thankful for his latest installment. You need a Vet to come thru and spank the kids every once in a while. It definitely gets our stamp of approval. I'm bangin it as I type for inspiration. "How can I love somebody else? When I can't love myself enough to know" ask yourself that. Words from the Big Homie himsef.. Go get it its Free

Review By Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

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