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Monday, November 11, 2013


Ok it's time to get to the bottom of this "TwerK" shit. You can go to Wikipedia and get a bullshit definition which can't give you an origin because the fucker who wrote that shit don't know what the fuck their talkin bout. You can look to Miley Cyrus as the face of some shit that did not originate in the white world and you'd be heading in the wrong direction. It is far time that the truth be unfolded about "Twerkin" and its origin and we about to break this shit down for you.

First of all, Twerkin was originated in the Florida/Georgia region of the country in the mid to late 90's and into the early 2000's. Second to "Twerk" never meant to dance as it was first developed in the black community, it meant Having sexual intercourse, hunchin with no clothes on. IT MEANT "FUCKING" PEOPLE!!! Men used this term when puttin their bid in on some ass. "I'm sayin tho lil mama let a nigga twerk sum". He was askin her for a chance to hit that ass. Please excuse my lango but if you want the truth you have to get it raw. This carried on for a good spill until it became common for us (young black men in the Florida/Georgia area) to use this tern. "Man, a nigga been twerked that hoe", "Hell yeah she let a nigga twerk or "The whole clique twerked lil mama".

This went on until it became such a popular term in the year 2000 the Ying Yang Twinz came out with a song we all know as "Whistle while you twurk" in which they were talkin bout whistlin while you fuckin in an almost humorous manner. Now with the video you will notice the girls poppin their asses but it ain't like they could be havin sex on camera so the only thing they could do is, you guessed it dance like they twerkin (fuckin). After this a lot of southern rappers especially in the Louisiana area started to use the term in songs with chicks doin the same thing. Wasn't copyin, it's just how things become natural in our culture. And it grew on us but yet we still were twerkin (Fuckin).......

Then around 2005 two young ladies by the names of Mizz TwerkSum and Lady Lucious started making videos of them poppin they lil sexy asses and I do mean they was workin them cheeks. Eventually they formed into the Twerk Team and their videos started going viral. I mean they were Twerkin to any song that was hot. If it was wack and had a hot track they lil asses was humpin on somethin whether it be a chair, stairs, walls, dudes, cars, poles I could just go on but you get the picture and you done seen a Twerk Team video. Who was that that said they haven't? Youze a damn lie. You saw a few of em in fact, half you niggas done "Beat off" to some of em. Stop lyin to yaself it's okay we not tryna make you feel ashamed. You can do what you want with your laptop..

This is where the shit got ridiculous. We done let the white world get a hold of it and you know what that means. They fuckin love it like crack and now it's a nationwide problem because their daughters are doin the shit on YouTube at school, ain't got no ass and still tryna do the shit all because of who? You got it, Miley Cyrus. Now if you recall we did a column on Miley  because we love her. But this shit has to stop. You got white women across the country shakin they lil nubs or makin the lil skin that cover their ass bone move on Jay leno's show. They fallin off poles and breakin they parents shit at the house. Now look, white folk we love yall but ya gotta stop stealin our shit and tryna make it yours. YA GOTTA STOP TWERKIN! Shit that is not natural for you just doesn't work ok. I can say there are some white girls with a whole lot of ass that have perfected the art  but they been practicing like their life depends on it and there's only a few of you. Listen, Miley is just marketing that's all. Plus learn more about some shit before you haul off and start doin the shit let alone claimin it. Yall single handily made Miley the FACE of Twerkin and she couldn't even tell you where it came from. She ain't even got no ass. Well now you know and if indeed you disagree, the comment box is always open. Until then, yall can keep Twerkin, but that shit ain't yall's to have. And fix that Wikipedia bullshit you embarrassing yourselves..

Column By: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital
By the way, Enjoy this Twerk Team Video

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