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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Rittz "White Jesus" mixtape. We don't know why the white boyz adopted the tongue twisting fast flow (MGK, Yelka Wolf etc..) but it seems to work. Rittz is no ecception at all and starting off with "White Jesus" he gets str8 to it with dark production and a witty choppy also melodic flow then he goes "Crazy" enuff for you to give him a "High five" givin him props til he fills up his "Dixie Cup" with everything and sips it as he tells you bout these "Pie" mf's with the legend 8ball. He almost lost me with "Fulla shit" then I realized we all are at times. Its worth the download.. or contact Antuan Wright @904 586 6293 to get your album/mixtape reviewed..

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