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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Lamar Starzz "H.E.R" Mixtape. Who the f$#‎k said R&B can't be sexy and firm in handlin ya bidness? Keep this young dude away from ya chick bc he got the look, voice and the paper as he sets it off with "Right on my side" refering to his money meanwhile he serenades ya chick thru-out the mixtape and constantly reminds them to F&@k with him you know he got it on "Luv this money" and he gon beat that thang up like he "Fresh out the joint". He not afraid to celebrate his success on joints like "Pop Champagne" but if you wit yo girl you wanna have this mixtape to set the mood because this sh!t get pretty hot! Go get it if yeen got it! or contact Antuan Wright @904 586 6293 to get your music reviewed...

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