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Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Insecurities

Insecurities. This one word is the reason many people are single and why so many couples break up. It's a sign of weakness which is a major turn off. Life is hard enough so the last thing someone would want to deal with is someone else's insecurities.

Taking additional time to explain everything to protect their heart until the next situation pops up. As an entertainer, we go through this all the time. The main reason you constantly hear that it's hard to date someone in this industry. It is a job many apply for yet never get the position. Once they do, some quit or get fired.

I myself had a situation recently dealing with someone's insecurities. Shocking, it wasn't even a guy I was talking to. I honestly never even had a conversation. The funny part is, it was a random guy's wife. I opened the messenger on Facebook, it was a message saying something about "don't be in my husband's inbox, he is married; hoe!" I  laughed because this wasn't the first time a wife, girlfriend, baby mom, etc has contacted me. I never had a conversation with this guy, a simple "Thanks for the request" message which was posted months ago and no reply. He sent me a request and she went off as if I was trying to get with her man.

If you want to go through your man's phone, check his messages and start contacting people, you have bigger issues to deal with. I politely told the lady, I don't know what she's talking about. There's no evidence of us having a conversation and she needs to deal with her insecurities. I understand people have been hurt before but if you are with a man you have to check on constantly then maybe you shouldn't be in that relationship. 

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