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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Pierre Fleming: A Hidden R & B Legend

 Vibe Highlights

“I feel like R&B is making its comeback I'm just waiting on the big re-entry so to speak.”

He had one feature on the EP which was whine one-time ft Alex flow

Best advice someone ever gave him:

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

You may not have known but NC has many amazing talents and this singer/ songwriter and or Artist: Pierre Fleming, who was born and raised in Wilson NC is one of the hidden Legends. He is highly devoted to music, and he shares a passion for video production & photography.

His current single by him is called SHOW ME which was released in 2021 along with his EP entitled Seven Vibes. The inspiration that motivated him to create the pair was based on past experiences. He witnessed relatable perspectives through the eyes of others and wanted to vibe along with topics that would captivate his audience.

He always had the ability to sing yet at the age of 18 he started writing his own songs because he didn't know of any dedicated songwriters. At the beginning of his career, he started with many local indie concerts. He even won a first-place award in a local competition in 2014. He stayed inspired by all the prominent singers of that time; MJ, R Kelly, Usher, Tyrese, and Joe just to name a few and each Artist had a different element that he liked, which shows in his music today.

We listen to Artist's collaborations every day. The Artists go on tour and end up on billboards, and in magazines together. So Wait! Wait! before you continue reading go check out one of Pierre Flemings' songs then close your eyes just for a minute and imagine reading a flyer with the names: Pierre Fleming and H.E.R (5-time grammy winner) on the cover. The harmonies are undeniable and with such a smooth connected sound and relatable lyrics from both parties there is no other choice but to sit back and listen.

An Artist collaboration is just one door. There are many unique opportunities for him to be successful. We will hear more songs, and see more music videos and live performances. He also wants to eventually start his own label and sign his own artists. You never know you could be the next big thing to blow up on his label, so keep your ear to the streets!


Check out his work by him and hear his sound by him at Pierre Fleming.

Learn more about him through social media!

Instagram @iampierrefleming and Facebook: Pierre Fleming

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