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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Spring Digital Issue 2022: Honoring Timo "Dick" James

 ACM: Good people, what it do? It's an honor to present to you the gentleman we have with us here at this moment. Let's allow him to introduce himself.
TDJ: Peace and Prosperity family, thank you for sharing your support sincerely I truly appreciate your platform to the utmost!

To the readers hello everyone, my name is Dick James and it’s my pleasure to be considered a valuable selection of your choice! I am a country boi from Mississippi with big city admirations and I was able to figure it out as I maneuvered through the stormy weather also known as the struggle! I stayed down for my come and so we are here now Baybeeeeeeee 

ACM: First we want to take this time to thank you for your service to our country as the U.S. Army Retired Veteran. Please talk about your service and how it helped shape the man you are today.

TDJ: Thank you sincerely for your acknowledgment! My time in service gave me an outlet from gang fighting and dope selling and early death in my small town in Mississippi! It helped me grow physically and mentally in such an important way quick fast and in a hurry, it helped me see how real life is and that at any given time it could be over with, or it could be a beautiful phenomenon and at any moment you can get the calling to become the next big thing/influence! Most of all it allowed me to obtain financial relevance and it gave my mother financial freedom and the belief that I would have opportunities to give myself a future of my choosing! It took me a around the world and gave me a respectful resume as a black man, who was not supposed to be living beyond the age of twenty-one. 

ACM: You have an extended history in the media and entertainment industry. Give us a bit of your history and some of the titles you've held throughout your career.

TDJ: No doubt about it, I have been blessed and I don’t question the Creators of Life rather I just follow the instructions of my Higher Consciousness and the places I end up being in are according to the Universal Alignment, and my attention and willingness to apply my insight in order to be viewed as an asset to major financial companies!

*Executive Co-Producer with Michael Wayne and Pyeman Orch 2004 Underground Talent Mart TV Show on Upn Network in Columbia, South Carolina - Augusta, Georgia - Highpoint - Charlotte, North Carolina 

* #1. A&R Ambassador for a Mentor Program with Sony and Record Union 2016 -19 the entire Southern Regions. Virginia - Texas including Tampa and Cocoa Beach, Florida I created The Distribution Competition Tour through Sony/Record Union across The Country 26 + States and 125 Cities including El Paso, Texas, and Fresno, California 

*I was Contributing Partner to Stardom 101 Magazine 2020 - 21 which is nominated for “Publication of The Year” SEA AWARDS c/o myself 

*I am a Board Member of The #1. Online Radio Station WPAM Blazin 4.20 Unsigned Hype - Parental Advisory Media Group 

Birmingham, Alabama 

*I am #1. Brand Ambassador ATN Across The Nation Promo since ‘10

*I am CEO of Dick James/LaTrese Mgmt, LLC since ‘17

*I am the Founding Creator of Da N’Dustry Plug 🔌 Magazine 

ACM: What would you say are some of the most impactful experiences you've had in your career?

TDJ: Some of the great people along the way over the years and how we were able to collaborate together with open-mindedness and willingness out genuine support and respect towards one another! Being recognized by people you least expect to know of or about me as a person or my music. Being nominated for so many awards by anonymous people who really support your music and it shows up in the business numbers and music statistics and reports. 

Getting booked for real money is always a great thing, ya know!  Being able to make records in 2002 with Legends like my Uncle Vernon Young, The Lead Singer of Bill Pinckney & The Original Drifters R. I. Paradise!

Being able to record timeless records with Platinum RnB Artist of Platinum RnB Group “TODAY” Big Bub!

Making Cover Stories in Respectful Urban Magazines like Stardom 101/Southern Plug Magazine & Apex Couture Magazine has allowed my presence to continue to be felt in various places with a different demographic and beyond, right along with Social Media, my Animation video, as well as marketing and promotional strategies to increase my streaming and radio station campaigns, have all been a positive part of my continuing consistency. 

ACM: Talk to us about The Comedy and Southern Soul Artist Tour.

TDJ: Southern Soul is a new and enriching experience within itself and is a good business adventure in the south from the Mason Dixon Line (I-95, I-20, I-10) Virginia to Texas it’s a household favorite and we all know comedy is a must in life to balance the unwanted stress we often experience! Laughing is food for the soul and we stay working bro on a regular basis due to things like “Line Dance” & Trail Rides” the country lovers come in large numbers! Southern Soul is a redo of Blues bringing fun and happiness to the genre.

ACM: You've won two 100k Streaming Awards. Talk about the significance of those accomplishments.

TDJ: Yes honestly these Awards demonstrate consistent business efforts and effectiveness and it allows me to experience amazing growth and share with my family and friends and fam/fans on a Major Platform like Spotify is Super Important and is an eye-opener for the people who doubt your sincerity! It’s also a motivation tool and a token of appreciation. 

ACM: In the summer of 2021 you were nominated for 5 Soul Fame ⭐️Star Awards. Tell us about that.

TDJ: It was an honor first and foremost! Grammy Board Member and CEO Rashad Ali of RnB Soul Effect TV/Podcast/Soul Jam FM Radio has a huge listening audience  and his Facebook and Instagram views are  up to 3 million views, somehow he and his camp got my music and started playing it and sharing and sincerely supporting it on all of their Social Media Platforms and the people who are in the network nominated me and we been having some good fun and forming business opportunities, ever since 

“Top Trending Artists”

“RnB Singer of The Year”

 “RnB Song of The Year” “Luv, Luv” ft. Big Bub 

“Best Male Vocalist”

“#1. Chart-Topping Artist”

I won “Best New Artist Grind”

ACM: Tell us about your creation Da N’Dustry Plug 🔌 Magazine.

TDJ: Yes my brother it’s really all in the name and it truly means what it says, just being honest! I have established an account of some amazing relationships and outstanding business connections over my time and this is an important opportunity to introduce and reintroduce some of our greatest urban people throughout the industry of Sports and Entertainment by having my own media/news/press outlets with the willingness and power to decide differently than the conventional outlets prior to our arrival! It allows me to steer head urban businesses and brands etc, and provide them with celebrity status services and marketing opportunities across the table to consumers around the world. 

I can really as they say “Plug” you in or up!

ACM: How have you running your own publication been a benefit to your mission as a whole?

TDJ:  When you do solid business, people trust you and always stay consistent when you can meet supply and demand! Financially it’s rewarding and the freedom of direction to actually make a difference in growing business relations and business awareness is a gift to and for the people of my business communities! It’s also a powerful tool for influence and I don’t take that idea lightly. I truly enjoy building brand awareness for outstanding products and people. 

ACM: Tell us about the mentors who have helped you along the way. You have some heavy people you've absorbed the game from.

TDJ:  Oh yes I have definitely been blessed from the start! 1993 The Top A&R for Ichiban Records (Keith Sweat) Atlanta, Georgia Earnest Davis played the organ every Sunday morning for my mother’s solo. 

Missionary Baptist Church, he also mentored me with production equipment to produce and introduced me to Kid ‘n Play and Prince Markie D (Fats Boys) Platinum Hip Hop Group at The Black Music Expo ‘93

Atlanta, Georgia 

+1994 AJ Savage Top A&R for Arista/J Records right-hand man to Clive Davis Project Manager for Janet Jackson at the time! He gave me my first recording session in a 100k sound lab in Irmo, South Carolina, and took me on as his nephew 

+2002 Arnold Taylor CEO of SCMG #1. Label Home to DaBaby has been my brother and mentor for 20 years now, he actually selected me from a Talent Show with Hot 103.9 FM Radio Station and introduced me to all of the labels and the executives, and gave me the opportunity to learn the business side of entertainment and how to get that budget as a business and not just an artist, because signing away my rights for a small amount is not worth my value, before signing due to the fact that I was also producing and a Marketing and Promotional Street Team Incorporated. 

+Big Bub Former VP at Universal/Motown and Platinum RnB Singer-Songwriter.

I worked as his assistant to their Label Drake/Web Music Group 2007 - ‘09

Their first indie artist was “Superwoman” Lil’ Mo and her Label Honeychild

I also served as a booking agent for the Carolinas for the label 

+I met The Greatest Urban Publicist the Industry has ever witnessed and his name is Angelo Ellerbee CEO of Double XXposure 

Media and Press Coverage in New Jersey 

Some of our most beloved and successful celebrities of all time are his clients!


Michael Jackson 

Whitney Houston

Will and Jada

Pattie and 

Luther just to name a few and the list goes on and on to the break of dawn 

+Of my most precious mentor of them all is my mother Lula Mae Rest In Paradise 

ACM: You've also, worked with other known publications, Stardom 101 Magazine, and Southern Plug Magazine, One West Magazine. How have the connections to them assisted your grind?

TDJ: They gave me an opportunity to grow as a marketer and as a writer and the freedom to fill the void with a genuine perspective and seasoned experience with knowledge and supportive relationships! It also allowed me to actually recognize my value as a reference in this business and how much of an impact I was able to make with my last magazine venture in a financial way, with my Cover Issue being the 10th Year Anniversary Story and its image becoming the module for the Company Campaign strategy, my Cover gained major readership and social media interaction, so much that we got over 50k Hitz on the sponsored ads! I learned the perspectives on printing and pressing and applied some foundations and partners to launch my Magazine that caters to Urban business and entertainment services across all platforms.

ACM: What are the current releases you're working on at the moment?

TDJ: “All I Need” ft. IamBril is the Single that’s winning the Awards so I’m rollin with it.

“Luv, Luv” ft. Big Bub has picked up traction as well 

ACM: How did it feel to have "All I Need" reach #1 on The Ray Daniels Morning Show?

TDJ: That feeling is still lingering and really a boost to even more accomplishments and consistently growing in a rapid growth 

Ray is a good dude and he has some serious influence juice in some very important markets. 

ACM: You've been nominated for the SEA Awards. We're proud to announce that our Editor in Chief has been as well. What are you nominated for?

TDJ: Yes bro this is the last level to become major SEA Awards is Officially World Renown and winning with them can really impact careers. 

ACM: You have a busy itinerary this year. Tell us about the other events that are coming up in 2022 that you're going to be part of.

TDJ: Of course May 19th - 22nd SEA Awards Biloxi, Mississippi 

+August MMB Honors in San Francisco, California “My Music My Block” Awards 

+RnB Soul Effect TV Tour 2022 

+September 15th - 17th Southern Dj Conference @Sheraton Hotel 

Birmingham, Alabama 

+Disbelief Tequila 

2nd Annual Weekend Retreat 

XSquad/Fleet/MixxGang/Next Level Djs

October 21st - 23rd

The Ridges Resort On Lake Chatuge

Hawassee, Georgia 

+IamBril Single Release 

+B. Pureese my RnB/Pop Artist from Shreveport, Louisiana  

ACM: We'd like to thank you for choosing our platform to help you build your already fully established legacy. Take this time to shout out those who deserve the shine and let the people know what magazine you're rockin with at this moment.

TDJ: I would like to shoutout WPAM Blazin 4.20 Parental Advisory Media Group Partners/Phenomenal Radio 1000 Network/ANCC Artist Network Conference Call/Music Doctors/Ray Daniels Morning Show/Showtyme360/Next Level Djs/Fleet Dj Koolhand/MixxGang Djs/Analogue Beats/DjCGlobal Radio/Jamal Whitehead Atlanta Web Radio/Wildout Radio/PUSO 82.3 FM/Dj DSouth Violator Allstar Djs/Dj Cayson V93/The Record Breaker Lex Luga/N’Dependent Chicks Radio/Dj Chill Will Valdosta, Georgia/World Famous Dj DDOXX/DjBlack Ceza/Greg Paparazzo/Dj Bigg V/Chris GrindHard Radio/Southern Plug Awards/SEA Awards/RnB Soul Effect TV and anyone I didn’t mention that helped me, I especially want to thank 


Think Image Photography 

Rick “Don’t Go” Mason 

Fabulous Meka’

Jay Tee 

Muddy MAxx and Noryieh - Engineers (nephews)

My family and friends for their continued support and prayers for me and IamBril

Of course, I’m rockin with The Apex Couture Magazine in Orlando, Florida in The Magic City

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