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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

NEW ZEALAND's Got Talent Contestant, ESTELLA DAWN releases a Pop Anthem, "Vixen" right on time! [SONG RELEASE]

 New power-pop anthem from New Zealand artist Estella Dawn explores sexuality

‘An anthem about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin, regardless of your sexuality, your desires, or your body shape.’

Denver, CO – Originally from New Zealand, Estella Dawn is capturing quite the following here in the US with her steady output of new music that is relevant and relatable, ‘Vixen’ is the latest single from this talented young artist.

In the words of Pop artist Estella Dawn, “As a woman it can sometimes feel like being assertive is misconstrued as being bossy or bitchy and when you talk about sex or show off your body it seems to open the door to people criticizing your morals. I wrote ‘Vixen’ as a way to shed my own fears around my body and my sexuality. People sexualize me all the time, it’s my body so why can’t I do the same?”

Estella reinforces those words in her latest single ‘Vixen’, which goes wide across all streaming platforms on Nov 5th. The song is a pop anthem that showcases the very best of Estella Dawn’s powerful vocals. The heavy rhythm section balanced against Estella’s clean and almost spoken verses takes off into a driving chorus where Estella lets fly with her usual force and focus. As with her previous releases Estella commands every line and nuance of this energetic Pop track. ’Vixen’ is a new Pop song that deserves your attention, not only because it introduces an artist who is on the cusp of international stardom, but also because of the message behind the music.

“There can be a lot of pressure on people to conform to societal norms and present themselves in ways that others deem to be socially acceptable. I believe there should be more emphasis on embracing the things that make you stand out and sparkle.”

“I've come to a place where I no longer want to refine myself into less than I am just to make other people feel more comfortable. As long as you aren't hurting anyone there’s no reason to be ashamed of who you want to be. Life is too short not to take what you want from it,” said this singer-songwriter who at one point was a star on “New Zealand’s Got Talent”.

Estella Dawn, a fierce vocalist from the beautiful lands of New Zealand, now residing in Denver Colorado is racking up a buzz non-stop. It’s a true pleasure to introduce you to another songstress that has all the qualities to be the world’s superstar. Her newly released single, “Vixen” steals your hearts and ears as soon as your finger presses play.

Opening with a powerful and confident, “Come On, Come On, Come On”. instantly captivated me. Excited to listen to the song multiple times. The pop anthem indeed does show the magnitude of Estella’s powerful vocal ranges and songwriting talents.

In addition to my raving review about this song and her amazing vocal arrangements, there are others joining in to support her.

Head over the stream of this song, which is now available on all your preferred streaming platforms. Stick around for the journey, because Estella Dawn is the next pop sensation that we are yearning for. - DJ Mos Precious


 “Estella’s vocal delivery is nothing short of melodic excellence.”

Fay Rose, Gas Mask Magazine

“Melodically engaging, beautifully uplifting and subtly catchy.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

“Estella Dawn has a big powerful voice and an emotive delivery to bring out the emotions of this well-written track.”

Travis Erwin, LA On Lock

Like many songwriters, Estella has been writing, performing, recording, and releasing music from an early age. However, it has been in the last 3 years that she has refined her craft and developed her own style which can clearly be seen in the 14 singles she’s released since early 2020. These songs show a unique command of melodies, subtlety, and range and are a personal and social exploration of life. They contain multiple layers – both vocally and musically. Soft and soothing but becoming sharp and gritty when needed. And with that maturity, she has been compared to Christina Aguilera, Madison Beer, Halsey, and Pink to name a few.

As with any hard-working musician, this is just the beginning. Following ‘Vixen’ she has another single titled ‘Salt’ that she plans to release in early January 2022. Fresh out of the studio, Estella has also just finished recording tracks for her first full-length album due out in the spring of next year. Estella Dawn is definitely one to watch out for.

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