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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, June 25, 2021

Amie Scheitel "Grow"

Amie Scheitel is a country singer-songwriter based in Washington state, originally from Southern Oregon (born in Idaho). Amie has been writing songs since childhood, but only began professionally writing songs in early 2019.

Amie has been with the songwriter's portal for a year and is also a member of the ISSA, and NISA. 

Amie writes country songs from a traditional approach. And has a niche for melodic, moving, contemporary Americana songs. Amie writes about real life, not ignoring hush-hush topics like divorce, adversity, regret, etc., and often refers to faith in one way or another within her writing. Amie likes to remind listeners that they aren’t alone in their feelings or adversities while also reminding that it’s never too late to pick up and move forward. Amie is all about womanhood, family, motherhood, empowering growth, and adventure. She says “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and it’s never too late to pick up the pieces and move forward”.

Amie doesn’t have her core values without understanding. She has had to pick up from scratch multiple times in life and raised 4 of her 6 children by herself, while going to college in her 30’s, all the while battling Cancer twice and going through a divorce. Amie had to relocate many times, after a domestic violence relationship which included having to pile the most prized possessions in her car and leaving everything else behind. None of this made her give up but instead inspired her to pursue her dream of singing in her late 30’s. 

Amie has released, as an independent artist five songs since early 2019, Dusty Diamond, Glass Half Full, New Hope Road, If you want inside this heart, and her latest single, Knew you wouldn't stay. New songs “A lie is a lie and Goosebumps” are sure to catch you by surprise and are on her new album called “Grow” which is available on all platforms. 

You can find Amie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also hear her music on most streaming providers or even ask "Alexa" to play her music.

In Amie's spare time you can find her in the mountains, hiking, huckleberry picking, fishing, doing wildlife photography, and taking lots of road trips. Amie loves to visit state parks. Her favorite wild animal is a Moose. Amie enjoys boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding in Idaho in the beautiful lake Coeur D Alene with her 6 children ages ranging from 22 to 5.  

#empower #womanhood #reallife #family #traditions #outdoors #music 

Goosebumps (Single)

"Grow" (Album)

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