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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The True Face Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes As Black People Face Dangerous Propaganda

 You are looking at the true face of Anti-Asian, Anti-Black, anti-anything but white hate in this country. The face is of a white terrorist named Robert Aaron Long. As of late, the mainstream media started a propaganda campaign to paint Black Americans as the face of anti-asian hate and as we know could be nothing further from the truth.

The new Black media and Black grassroots have pushed back on this dangerous narrative with facts and documented asian attacks against the Black community. The asian community has yet to come out on our behalf and speak against it, in fact, ABC Nightline co-anchor Juju Chang is a champion of the narrative. She is now receiving a massive backlash on social media. Check out the comments in her IG post.

This alone should prove to you that we as Black Americans have no allies or friends. No one will step up and speak out against this like we do when we see other groups get attacked.

Robert Aaron Long is responsible for the alleged shooting of eight people. Six of whom were asian women. Here are some details in The Washington Post. Suspect in Atlanta-area spa shootings that left eight dead might have frequented businesses, authorities say.

You will notice that this terrorist is already being protected. The man has obviously spewed anti-asian views online but yet they claim he has other motives. Oh really? So this didn't have anything to do with it?

We already know that white supremacists will never confess to their hateful and demonic beliefs and actions so let's not wait around for them to call this guy what he is which is a domestic terrorist and admit that this is a hate crime. To do so, they would be condemning themselves. They're not going to do that. This is why platforms like ours and many others are important and vital to tearing down the system.

Please support Black media as we are the force that brings the important stories of our community to light and we know that media is warfare. They use theirs as a weapon against us daily.

You can donate to our platform at Cash App $ApexCotureMag or Paypal. We will continue to use our platform to shed light on these issues but we need your support. Thank you.

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