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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

6IX 3UROP3 Drops "BIG BAG"

 Toronto, ON - 6ix 3urop3 is Canada’s newest double threat. The Toronto-born artist just dropped his latest single & video, “Big Bag” along with the release of his best-selling book, “Christ In The Ghetto” available on Amazon. 6ix 3urop3 is a man on a mission. The artist, who charted #1 on iTunes Top 200 South African hip hop list has risen at a meteor pace both in Canada and the UK. 6ix 3urop3’s highly anticipated single “Big Bag” follows the release of the artist's previous EP “Uk Mode,” featuring the hit single “Ragu” with Yung Tory.   

6ix 3urop3’s debut book “Christ In The Ghetto” is a best seller on Amazon, for the author & rapper.  Just another reason to take this young artist seriously. The fictional book is based on the very real struggles of African Americans dealing with corruption and poverty. 6ix wants his music and writing to speak to his own background and experiences and what is real to him and the people around him.  Releasing two very different and successful projects at the same time, “Christ In The Ghetto” and “Big Bag” is proof that 6ix 3urop3 is here to stay. As part of his success, the artist takes care of business… his business. Having a plan and infrastructure in place is as important as creative skills. Know who you are, what you want to accomplish, and begin the journey.  


“Big Bag” single available on all platforms    


“Christ In The Ghetto” is available on Amazon 

Listen to “Big Bag” 


Watch “Big Bag” Video 

Keep Up With 6ix 3urop3: 

INSTAGRAM: @6ix 3urop3  

TWITTER: @6ix 3urop3  

SPOTIFY: @artist/10WtgvRurbQX4A7xlyP3HI 


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Sasha Stoltz Publicity & Management:  

Sasha Stoltz | | 416.579.4804 

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