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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Superstar Rapper Mally Mall Does It His Way With European Hip Hop Goddess Rich Nana

 Certainly not closeted in ostentatious silence, platinum record producer, rapper, and hip-hop mogul is working on releasing a new single laced with salacious sex goddess rapper Rich Nana. Spawned from the lifestyle of the real-life rich and famous, the provocative Rich Nana is paving her way into a sexual quest, and God himself propels her chariot of fire. 

Diana Foster, known by her stage name Rich Nana doesn’t let her dreams get in the way of action. As a climax to her first two videos, “ Papi Chulo” and “Thinking About It,” Rich Nana is teaming up with Mally Mall for a new release. She is set to collaborate with Snoop Dog as well. She sells a lifestyle that people only dream about and that exudes with recreational intercourse that’s more than an adventure but the substance of dreams. 

Mally Mall is a Brazilian – Egyptian rapper and record producer who appeared in six episodes in season one of “Love and Hip Hop.” He rose to worldwide public attention following a shout-out on Drake’s “The Motto.” He’s produced several well-known artists, including Chris Brown, Drake, Usher, Snoop Dogg, and Lupa Fiasco, but later delved deeper into the performance side of the industry. 


Via “Big News Hits” Mally Mall wrote “I’m about to produce some fire...for a unique persona and female artist out in Europe, she goes by the name of @therichnana We’ll do it the Mally Mall way! Hits Only! Stay tuned! #mallymall #richnana #collabo #2021” 


Follow Rich Nana on IG @therichnana and TikTok @iamrichnana 

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